Folding Patio Doors | A World of Options

Folding Patio Doors | A World of Options

If you are looking to install folding patio doors in your home, Weathertight Folding Doors are a great choice because of their energy efficiency and versatile product selection. Whether you are looking for a more economical choice, a low-maintenance option, or want the most elegant, refined door on the market, a Weathertight Folding Door can fit the description. Here is a brief overview of each option.

Fir: The Most Economical Option

If you are looking to buy folding patio doors on a budget, then you should look into Fir. The key features here are a laminated wood core and a stain-grade Fir veneer. For the best results, it’s recommended that you add a top coat with UV inhibitors on an annual basis. Therefore, this type of door does require moderate maintenance. Fir folding patio doors at Weathertight are available at heights of 6’ and 8’.



Aluminum Clad: No Maintenance Required

There’s a pretty good chance that your eyes shifted to this option immediately. Not many people want to have yet another home maintenance task to worry about. If you would like to buy a folding patio door that doesn’t require any upkeep, then go with the Aluminum Clad. This door has a clad exterior with a pine interior, a laminated wood core and it comes in six different colors. The two most popular colors are white and bronze. Just keep in mind that you can never paint these doors. The Aluminum Clad folding patio doors come in several different heights, including 6’ 8”, 8’, 9’ and 10’.


Custom Series: It’s All About The Beauty

If you don’t mind maintaining your folding patio door on a regular basis, then the Custom Series might be the best option for you. The rich wood is what leads to the gorgeous appearance. In order to maintain this type of door, you must provide proper finishing, and the exterior will require a top coat with UV inhibitors on an annual basis. Color options for the Custom Series include Mahogany, Alder, Red Oak and Reclaimed Fir. Any height is possible since these doors are custom-made. All glass and panel options are also available. 


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