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DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Shake

Craftsmanship and authenticity are the focus of DaVinci's Multi-Width Shake. Inspired by hand-split cedar, DaVinci's resin roof tiles are UV and thermally stable as well as fire resistant. Multi-Width Shake tiles are available in nine colors, from light to dark, with realistic grain patterns that create dramatic shadows. DaVinci Roofscapes tiles are designed to endure for the lifetime of your home:

  • 9”, 8", 7", 6", and 4" tile widths
  • 5/8” tile thickness
  • Installation at 9" or 10" exposure
  • No fading, rotting, cracking
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Limited Material Warranty

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  • Specifications

Color Options

  • Aged Cedar
  • Autumn
  • Black Oak
  • Chesapeake
  • Mossy Cedar
  • Mountain
  • New Cedar
  • Tahoe
  • Weathered Gray
  • A Virtually Limitless Palette

    DaVinci shake roof tiles are available in a wide spectrum of natural cedar colors. Each Multi-Width Shake blend is formulated from different lumber shades creating a natural diversity in color, highlighting the realistic appearance and blending harmoniously with its surroundings. Select a single color, create your own, or formulate a custom combination. 

    Cool Roof 

    DaVinci Cool Roof tiles are designed to reflect light and heat away from your home. High emissivity and reflectivity means less burden on you home's cooling system. Cool Roof tiles are Energy Star certified. 

    Multi-Width Shake is available in Mountain, Tahoe, and Weathered Gray Cool Roof colors.

     DaVinci Roofscapes composite roof shingles are available in energy efficient and Energy Star compliant colors. Look for the Cool Roof symbol for options that can increase energy efficiency in your home.

Product Specs

Brand DaVinci Roofscapes
Line Multi-Width Shake
Material Composite (Resin)
Style Shake
Minimum Roof Pitch 4/12
Installation Pattern Straight or Staggered
Width 9", 8", 7", 6", 4"
Legnth 22"
Thickness at Butt 5/8"
Thickness at Tip 1/4"
ASTM Fire Rating A
UL Impact Rating 4
Wind Certification 110 mph
Shingles / Square 192 (Straight) or 216 (Staggered)
Weight / Square 300 lbs (Straight) or 333 lbs (Staggered)