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Matterhorn Tile

CertainTeed's purposeful production perfectly captures the look of real tile with the protective benefits of steel. With its classic elegance and long history, Spanish tile remains the most popular choice in many parts of the United States.

Today, Matterhorn Tile Metal Roofing embodies the same Mediterranean magnetism of traditional clay tiles without the weight, cost or maintenance.

  • A special roll-formed tongue-and-groove snap lock along each panel shows none of the fastening systems
  • The design and colors of each panel have the natural colors found in clay
  • Matterhorn Tile Metal Roofing weighs 600 to 800 pounds per square less than clay tile

Protected by CertainTeed's Lifetime Limited Warranty

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  • Brick Blend
  • Jade
  • Terracotta
  • Tuscan Stone
  • Weathered Canyon
  • Weathered Clay
  • Weathered Sage
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Technical Info

Matterhorn Tile Metal Roofing Technical Info

  • Stronger than Steel

    MatterhornĀ® metal roofing starts with DDS high-performance G90 steel. Multiple layers of advanced polymer coatings are applied over the metal substrate. These coatings, along with the modern metallic alloys, provide outstanding corrosion resistance. The protective properties of these coatings create a self-healing surface. The result is metal roofing that is quite literally stronger than steel.

    Each panel is painted with a high-performance Valspar PVDF paint system, specifically engineered for fade resistance to last a lifetime.


    • Multi-layer PVDF coating system to resist weathering, aging, rust, and pollution
    • 0.019" Thickness
    • 98 lbs. per square
    • 16 panels per square
    • Nominal Dimensions:
      • 20-5/8" w x 48-1/4" L uninstalled
      • 18-3/16" w x 47-1/4" L installed

    CertainTeed metal roofing products are tested to ensure the highest quality and comply with the following industry standards:

    Fire Resistance

    • Complies with ASTM E108 Class A, Class B

    Impact Resistance

    • Complies with UL 2218, Class 4

    Wind Uplift Resistance

    • 8 CRRC-rated colors

    Quality Testing & Approval

    • CCMC 14115-R
    • TDI RC-487
    • FL21470
    • IAPMO UEL-5004
    • IAPMO ER-375

Matterhorn Tile Metal Roofing Accessories

  • Image of house with letters A through N placed across the image

Metal Roofing Parts and Accessories

  • A. 4-Course Tile Panel
  • A. 2-Course Tile Panel
  • B. 1.5 EL T-Style Drip Edge
  • C. Hip/Ridge Cap
  • D. 2" C-Closure Vented - Black
  • E. Ridge Cap End Closure
  • F. Inner Gable - Black
  • G. Outside Gable
  • H. Side Wall Flashing
  • I. End Wall Trim
  • J. 2" Valley Closure - Black Option A Valley (Hidden)
  • K. Valley Closure Cap Option A Valley (Hidden)
  • L. .019 x 24" WL W-Valley Option B Open Valley
  • M. .019 GAL Bird Guard - 36" L
  • N. Wind Stop

Product Specs

Brand CertainTeed
Series Matterhorn
Style Tile
Application Residential Roofing
Material G90 Steel
Width 20-5/8"
Length 48-1/4"
Thickness at butt 2"
Thickness at top 2"
Min. Pitch 3:12
Gauge 26 (0.019" thickness)
Weight/Square 98 lbs.
Fire Resistance Complies with ASTM E108 Class A, Class B
Impact Resistance Complies with UL 2218, Class 4
Wind Uplift Resistance Warranted to 130 MPH
Solar Reflection 8 CRRC-rated colors
Quality Testing & Approval CCMC 14115-R; TDI RC-487; FL21470; IAPMO UEL-5004; IAPMO ER-375
Warranty Lifetime Limited Warranty