Alside Charter Oak Energy Elite

Alside Charter Oak Energy Elite

Alside's Charter Oak Energy Elite siding provides a complete wall system that dramatically improves thermal efficiency, rigidity, and durability. Wall lines remain straight and true and energy savings are substantial. The interior environment is cooler in summer, warmer in winter, and quieter year-round.

  • Industry-leading protection from fading in the sun
  • Resists scratches, dings, and damage from hail
  • Superior breathability for performance in wet climates
  • TriBeam system delivers superior rigidity for straight lines and even walls on new and existing homes
  • Rolled-edge nail hem ensures resistance to the force of extreme winds

Protected by Alside's Lifetime Limited Warranty

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Alside Charter Oak Energy Elite Siding Features and Benefits


    Charter Oak Energy Elite is engineered to reduce the transfer of heat through wall studs and other non-insulated framing elements to help lower your energy bills.


    With its TriBeam Performance System, Charter Oak Energy is among the strongest products on the market. It's stronger and more durable than conventional vinyl siding because it is not hollow.


    Because it is highly insulated, Charter Oak Energy Elite can help your furnace and air conditioner work more efficiently throughout the seasons.


    Charter Oak Energy Elite is up to 500% more breathable than other insulated systems. This means that it will not support the growth of mold or mildew, or contribute to sick home syndrome. Independent laboratory tests have also proven that it will not absorb or retain moisture.


    Charter Oak Energy Elite is manufactured with Preventol TM, a patented, organic molecule additive that discourages termites and carpenter ants from nesting behind the siding. It is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for this application and is nontoxic and safe to handle. 


Panel Profiles

  • Double 4 1/2" Clapboard
  • Double 4 1/2" Dutchlap
  • Siding with EPS foam insulation
  • Oak Grain

Panel Specifications

  • Double 4-1/2" Clapboard

    PROFILE: Clapboard

    PERM RATING: 5.0

    NAIL HEM: Fully rolled-over

    EXPOSURE: Double 4-1/2"

    PROJECTION: 3/4"

    LENGTH: 12'1"

    SIDING THICKNESS: 0.046" (nominal)

    TEXTURE(S): Richly detailed oak grain finish


    COLOR(S): Featuring 29 colors

  • Double 4-1/2" Dutch Lap

    PROFILE: Dutch Lap

    PERM RATING: 5.0

    NAIL HEM: Fully rolled-over

    EXPOSURE: Double 4-1/2"

    PROJECTION: 3/4"

    LENGTH: 12'1"

    SIDING THICKNESS: 0.046" (nominal)

    TEXTURE(S): Richly detailed oak grain finish


    COLOR(S): Featuring 29 colors


Standard Color Collection

  • Glacier White
  • Antique Parchment
  • Natural Linen
  • Platinum Gray
  • Cape Cod Gray
  • Mystic Blue
  • Coastal Sage
  • Juniper Ridge
  • Adobe Cream
  • Maple
  • Monterey Sand
  • Vintage Wicker
  • Tuscan Clay

Architectural Color Collection

  • Fired Brick
  • Canyon Drift
  • Flagship Brown
  • Deep Espresso
  • Rustic Timber
  • Mountain Fern
  • Deep Moss
  • Harbor Blue
  • Midnight Blue
  • Laguna Blue
  • Riviera Dusk
  • Storm
  • Sterling Gray
  • Ageless Slate
  • Charcoal Smoke
  • Cast Iron

Product Specs

Brand Alside
Series Charter Oak Energy Elite
Style Lap
Profiles Clapboard, Dutch Lap
Perm Rating 5.0
Nail Hem Fully rolled-over
Exposure Double 4-1/2"
Projection 3/4"
Length 12'1"
Siding Thickness 0.046" (nominal)
Texture Richly detail oak grain finish
Colors 29 color options
Material Insulated Vinyl
Warranty Lifetime Transferable Warranty

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