Artisan® Collection by James Hardie with ColorPlus Technology

Artisan® Collection by James Hardie

  • Artisan® Collection Siding offers Lap Siding and Accent Trim
  • Artisan® Collection Siding offers deeper shadow lines through a distinctively thicker siding and trim to mimic authentic cedar
  • Artisan® Collection Siding is a maintenance-free alternative to a traditional wood siding
  • Stands up to storms and harsh weather
  • Fire resistant 

Why Choose Artisan® Collection?

The James Hardie Artisan® collection features thick boards and deep shadow lines for an element of luxury. It is ideal for those looking to add great elegance and beauty to their home.  This collection was developed after 15 years of research in order to create a superior siding and trim.

Turn your house into your dream house with this high-end, luxury line of siding.  Set your home apart from typical modern homes with the stunning, dramatic shadow lines created by the James Hardie Artisan® Collection.  Avoid the maintenance issues of real wood siding and add value to your home with the Artisan® Collection maintenance-free and durable building products.

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  • Lap Siding
  • V-Groove Siding
  • Accent Trim
Lap Siding


  • Close-up of artisan lap siding

    Thick, fiber cement lap siding elevates the aesthetic of traditional wood siding with lower maintenance.

    THICKNESS: 0.625"
    WEIGHT: 4.55 LBS./SQ. FT.
    LENGTH: 144"
    WIDTHS: 5.25", 7.25", 8.25"
    EXPOSURES: 4", 6", 7"

    COLOR: Available with ColorPlus Technology® or primed for paint

V-Groove Siding


  • Close-up of white artisan v-groove siding.

    Artisan V-Groove siding delivers everything you love about wood v-groove siding, with the uncompromising performance you've come to expect from James Hardie fiber cement products.

    THICKNESS: 0.625"
    WEIGHT: 4.55 LBS./SQ. FT.
    LENGTH: 144"
    WIDTHS: 8.25"

    COLOR: Comes primed for paint

Accent Trim


  • Close-up of house with artisan accent trim.

    Artisan Accent Trim is the perfect accent to James Hardie's architectural grade Artisan Lap. With an impressive thickness of 1.5", Artisan Accent Trim beautifully casts deep, defined shadow lines.

    THICKNESS: 1.5"
    WEIGHT: 4.55 LBS./SQ. FT.
    LENGTH: 144"
    WIDTHS: 3.5", 5.5"
    EXPOSURES: 3.5", 5.5"

    COLOR: Available with ColorPlus® Technology or primed for paint


Product Specs

Brand James Hardie®
Series Artisan® Collection
Styles Artisan Lap Siding, Artisan V-Groove Siding, Artisan Accent Trim
Thickness 0.625"
Weight 4.55 LBS./SQ. FT.
Length 144"
Widths 5.25", 7.25", 8.25"
Colors Available with ColorPlus® Technology or primed
Material Fiber Cement
Warranty 30-Year Limited Warranty for Lap Siding, 15-Year Limited Warranty for Accent Trim