HardieTrim® Boards

HardieTrim® Boards

  • HardieTrim® Boards come in 4/4 Rustic Grain, 4/4 Smooth, 5/4 Rustic Grain, 5/4 Smooth, and Crown Moulding boards.  HardieTrim® also comes available in Rustic Grain and Smooth Batten Boards.
  • HardieTrim® Boards are a maintenance-free alternative to a traditional wood siding. 
  • Can be used to enhance a home's design features. 
  • Stand up to storms and harsh weather. 
  • Fire resistant.



Why Choose HardieTrim® Boards?

Accentuate corners, columns, fascia, doors, windows and more with HardieTrim® boards.  The final touch that will complete your home’s design.  Just like James Hardie siding, HardieTrim® boards offer long-lasting protection from elements to keep your home looking beautiful.  While the Rustic Grain trim might mimic the texture of wood, HardieTrim® Boards are resistant to warping and rotting.

If you’re looking to complete the look of your modern home, you can’t go wrong with the simple and clean look of  HardieTrim® Boards 4/4 or 5/4 smooth.  If you have a rustic home, consider pairing HardieShingle® siding with HardieTrim® boards in Rustic Grain.

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  • Trim Selections
  • Color Selections
Trim Selections

Trim Selections

  • 4/4 Rustic Grain
  • 4/4 Smooth
  • 5/4 Rustic Grain
  • 5/4 Smooth
  • Crown Moulding
Color Selections

ColorPlus Technology

  • Arctic White
  • Sail Cloth
  • Navajo Beige
  • Sandstone Beige
  • Autumn Tan
  • Khaki Brown
  • Cobble Stone
  • Monterey Taupe
  • Woodstock Brown
  • Timber Bark

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