Decra Stone Coated Steel Roofing - Sales & Installation
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Decra Shake XD Roof Tiles

DECRA® Shake XD®, emulates the classic beauty and architectural detail of a thick, rustic, hand-split wood shake. It also has a unique hidden fastening system and is installed directly to deck.

Decra Shake Roof Tiles

DECRA® Shake offers the distinctive beauty and richness of cedar shake while providing the durability and longevity of stone coated steel.

Decra Shingle XD Roofing Tile

With its thick cut edges and deep distinctive shadow lines, DECRA® Shingle XD® provides greater dimensionality and a robust appearance.

Decra Tile Roof Tiles

DECRA® Tile, offering the beauty and style of Mediterranean Tile and the lightweight components of stone coated steel.

Decra Villa Tile Roofing

DECRA® Villa Tile combines the superior performance of steel with the classic beauty, elegance and architectural detail of an old world Italian tile. Durable and lightweight, Villa Tile requires little to no maintenance and is walkable.