3 Texas Bloggers To Turn to For Remodeling Inspiration

3 Texas Bloggers To Turn to For Remodeling Inspiration

Urbanology Designs

The Urbanology TeamUrbanology's goal as interior designers is to cater to not only those who can afford luxury services but to the average person who would not normally think hiring an Interior Designer was possible. For this reason, Urbanology offers full-service packages, as well as re-design and walk-through options that work with smaller budgets. Something for everyone!

In this, it is Urbanology's mission to deliver a standard of excellence and talent that is unparalleled. This is the beating heart of who Urbanology is and what they do. Changing lives through the most important place on earth…the home.

A Well Dressed Home

A Well Dressed Home

Run by Emily Hewett and her team, this blog is filled with before and after shots of projects she’s had the opportunity to work on. Her true passion is “turning outdated, antiqued residential spaces into sophisticated and family functional retreats.”

A home is meant to be lived in, and we love to see how she incorporates function with aesthetics. Each post is written like a story. Emily walks us through the home and gives us first impression thoughts, what they changed and why they changed it, and a ton of photo’s that make it feel as though she was giving us a personal tour.

Remodeling doesn’t only include tearing up that gross green stair runner. It’s also about bringing your outdated house into a more modern era.

Ruthie Staalsen Interiors

Ruthie Staalsen Interiors

Built by Ruthie Staalsen from the ground up, Ruthie Staalsen Interiors focuses on helping clients create a space that is comfortable, yet elegant and unique. Her philosophy is that “comfort and beauty go hand in hand, and you should be surrounded by the things you LOVE.”

Staalsen’s blog is filled with client and personal remodels. She showcases her and her team's talents at creating a space that looks and feel luxurious on a tight budget. We love the fact that she understands affordability and works her magic with small updates and paint to create a room that exudes her client’s personality.

Some aesthetics to keep in mind that can drastically change the appearance of your house are sidingdoors, door frames, and windows. Let the Brennan team help you to update your home to better reflect your personality.


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