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With Brennan, you can expect premium products for unbeatable prices—and its thanks to some good business planning. We negotiate prices with manufacturers—saying “no” to big markups and promotional markdowns and "yes" to more affordable pricing all year round. We pass those cost savings onto our customers so that whenever you need doors or windows, we’re ready with the quality and pricing that fit your needs.

Window Price Ranges

  • Vinyl windows range from $350 - $1,000+ depending on color, style, and selected upgrades. 
    • White is typically the least expensive color. 
    • Casement windows and double hung are typically the most expensive window types. 
    • Picture and single hung windows are the most popular. 
    • Upgrades include but are not limited to: grids, foam-filled frame, high-performance glass, safety glazing, other colors besides white, two-tone paint, specialty hardware, sound reducing glass, etc. 
    • Installation is not included in the price range. 
  • Wood windows range from $700 - $2,500+ depending on color, style, and selected upgrades. 
    • Standard sizing and base options result in the best price. 
    • Shapes like half-circles, eyebrows, and gothic arches will drastically increase the price. 
    • Upgrades include but are not limited to: wood species, stain options, anodized cladding, specialty cladding, custom exterior colors,  handle hardware, trim, screens, sensors, etc. 
    • Installation is not included in the price range.

Door Price Ranges

  • Front doors range from $4K - 10K+ depending on the material, vendor, style, and selected upgrades. 
    • If you're looking at a solid wood entry, the species can cause the price to swing wildly due to availability and ease of use. 
    • If painting the front door, don't overpay for an exotic species because you won't be able to tell the difference once painted. 
    • If staining, pick the species you want because the staining will enhance the grain profile.
    • Fiberglass doors are better suited for openings with less overhang because they perform better in bad weather. 
    • Fiberglass doors styles are set by the manufacturer, so you can't build a one of one. 
    • Wood doors give you ultimate control over the design but are typically more expensive because custom doors aren't mass-produced. 
    • Upgrades include but are not limited to: specialty glazing, hardware like peepholes and mail slots, mortise locks, specialty hardware, exotic wood species, two-tone finished like different color paint on the inside/outside, custom sizing, etc.
    • Installation not included in the price range. 
  • Patio doors start at $2,500 and go from there. 
    • Typically sliding doors cost less than hinged doors. 
    • Standard heights are 80", 82", or 96".
    • We don't recommend vinyl doors over 82" tall because of warping concerns. 
    • Steel hinged patio doors are typically the least expensive option. 
    • Upgrades include but are not limited to pet doors, storm doors, screens, additional locking mechanisms, custom-sizing, etc.
    • Installation not included in the price range. 

Our Best Price Guarantee

If you find a lower price, we'll match it. It's that simple. So what qualifies for the Best Price Guarantee?  The product must be an identical match. This means the same brand, model number, color, and size. The competitive product must be immediately available.

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