3 Texas Interior Design Blogs You Should Be Following

3 Texas Interior Design Blogs You Should Be Following

Everyone has their own personal style that a home remodel can really shine a light on. Contemporary, modern, traditional, Mediterranean, are all examples of different home stylings.

No matter your taste, the elements that you remodel, whether it be windows, doors, or siding, all need to work together to create a cohesive house.

Here are a few blogs that we like to frequent to keep up to date with style trends.

Chambers Interiors and Associates Inc.

Margaret Chambers views the interior as her “palette and canvas.” Using her years of expertise and love of the profession, she continually pushes the limits of interior design. She is a sought-after professional and beloved by clients because of her willingness to share in the creative process, not control.

We frequently visit her company’s blog because of her latest trends posts and designer tips. By keeping up to date with interior trends, it gives us the ability to make better recommendations to our customers.

Barbara Gilbert Interiors

Barbara Gilbert is most notable for her expertise in the psychology of color. She works with clients to transform their homes and businesses to create breathtaking spaces.

Her blog hosts a variety of tips, design inspiration, and client project posts. We enjoy looking at her posts for outdoor design. Since it is the summer, a lot of days are spent out back enjoying a barbeque and the pool. With that in mind, we are always on the lookout to expand our outdoor inspiration and offerings.

La Maison Boheme

When Sarah Greenman’s life altered to a stay-at-home mom, she turned to freelance writing, photography, and art. She started La Maison Boheme to share her ideas and inspirations.

Even though this blog doesn’t solely revolve around design, her posts that do focus on it are provide a ton of visual inspiration. She uses a variety of other blogs and sources to put together her posts where she showcases aspects of rooms/decor that she personally enjoys.

She has an eclectic taste giving us a vision of different personal styles so, during our consultation, we can make recommendations that will fit in with the design you have in mind.

Being able to understand a customer’s vision is necessary for our line of business. We are a trusted source to help you make the right decision. Whatever we recommend needs to fit seamlessly into the overall vision for your home.

A classic french door is not the same as a sleek glass sliding door. Either way, Brennan has you covered.


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