4 Things You Should Consider When Replacing Windows

4 Things You Should Consider When Replacing Windows

window replacement brennan enterprisesWindow replacement is a big investment for your home. You may have different reasons for replacing a window, from having a broken pane to updating the look of the home. Yet there are several things you may not even consider when taking the first steps in this home improvement process.

Window Replacement Considerations

Unfortunately, these considerations can sneak up on you to cause hassles, uncomfortable conditions in your home, and large expenses. Take a moment to consider these four important factors when getting replacement windows.

The Installation Process is More Complex Than What You Expect

Getting a replacement window is a very complex process. You can't purchase the windows and get them installed in a single day. It can take from 4 to 6 weeks for your windows to arrive. The window company performs measurements of your existing windows and the windows you purchase to ensure they will fit properly on your home. Then it can take another one to three days to remove the old windows, install in the new windows, and put in the cladding.

In addition, you also have to consider the changes to your indoor environment if you are replacing windows in the summer. Heat will enter your home the moment the pane is out. Once the window is replaced, you may crank up the air conditioner to cool off and notice condensation forming on the window. This condensation does not mean that the window company has incorrectly installed the window. The condensation is formed from the high humidity outside that is reacting to the cold temperatures of your home. Condensation is simply water vapor that is collecting on the hot surface of the glass from the cold air in the home.

Style of a Home is Important When Selecting Windows

People rarely take into consideration how the look of a window can complement or clash with the style of a home. The number of styles and colors of windows on the market are incredible, as you can find the exact one that matches your home. There are Colonial, farmhouse, bungalow, prairie, ranch, modern, Spanish Colonial and many other window styles. When you select a style that matches the overall architectural style of your home, you can instantly increase the curb appeal of your house, especially if you plan to sell it in the near future.

Get Windows for Your Comfort Level, not Necessarily for Your Energy Savings

Nowadays, people are hung up on lowering their energy bills by getting the most efficient windows out on the market. Yet, in reality, your comfort level should come first on your of reasons to get new windows. You should have a window that keeps in the heat during the winter and the cool air during the summer. Having a comfortable environment to live in allows you to enjoy your home more as you don't have to bundle up in layers of clothes to stay warm or wear almost nothing when it is hot outside. Regulating the temperature with replacement windows is a great benefit.

Also, consider replacing windows to improve the natural light quality in a home. Changing the style of the window can allow more light to enter dark rooms. An increase in natural light can have beneficial effects on a person's health and mood.

Consider the Advantages and Disadvantages of Replacement Windows

Never just jump from the couch and run to the nearest window company to purchase replacement windows on a whim. Seriously consider how long it takes to get replacement windows, the indoor air environment during and after the installation, and the style of the new windows to increase the curb appeal of your home. Get replacement windows that will be a benefit to you, such as increasing the light level while creating a comfortable indoor environment. Then you can ensure that you made the right choices in windows and can be prepared for the installation process.

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