4 Types Of Outdoor Living Covers You Should Be Considering

4 Types Of Outdoor Living Covers You Should Be Considering

As a long, cold winter finally fades into the rearview mirror, the flowers begin to bloom and warm sunshine radiates off green grass, the long neglected urge to spend some time outside hits you. But once you step out your back door, you realize your yard and patio aren’t up to snuff, particularly with those springtime storms and that sizzling summer heat both right around the corner.

Don’t panic! There’s still time to get the outdoor parts of your home into gear. And it starts by getting adequate coverings for portions of your outdoor space. Here are four types of outdoor living covers you should be considering.

1. Patio Covers

Few outdoor living covers give you the flexibility that a patio cover does. Essentially an open-air roof extension, a patio covers allows your family and guests to spend time outdoors in nearly all types of weather.

The roof of the patio cover — which is made of wood, vinyl or aluminum and supported by posts — shades you from the intense rays of the summer sun while keeping you dry during a rainstorm. A patio cover can also protect your outdoor furniture from the elements — allowing those items to remain pristine for a longer period of time.

Patio Cover

Patio covers allow you to enjoy the outdoors in all weather.

2. Pergolas

While a patio cover is a wonderful addition to your home, it does completely block out something you’re likely looking to enjoy when you step outside: golden rays of sunshine. In fact, patio covers can leave you with something of an all-or-nothing scenario — you can either spend your time in complete shade, or you can step into the yard and feel the full force of the sunlight. What if you want a little of both?

Enter the pergola.

This structure — which is either made out of wood or vinyl — features latticed beams on its roof and posts to anchor it to your patio. The beams filter out a proportion of the sunlight that hits them, although the actual amount of shade you get varies depending on the angle of the sun.

While rain and other adverse weather can spell bad news if you’re standing under a pergola, there are potential benefits to a good springtime soaker. It’s easy to grow plants with vines between the beams of the pergola, as the abundant sunshine and occasional moisture will allow these plants to thrive.


Pergolas provide a unique mix of sun and shade.

3. Carports

While it’s important to protect your family, guests and furniture from anything that might fall from the sky, it’s also crucial to shield your vehicle from damage. A carport can do just that.

A carport is essentially an aluminum patio cover for your driveway. It provides you with a covering for your vehicle without all the red tape that a garage requires. Since carports only feature a roof and support posts, they’re much more affordable than a garage. They can also be replaced easily, if necessary.


A carport can protect your vehicles from damage, without breaking the bank.

4. Sunrooms

Patio covers, pergolas and carports all shield you from the sun’s rays, to a certain extent. But what if you want full exposure to the sunlight in a climate-controlled environment? If that’s the case, a sunroom might be for you.

Sunrooms are essentially enclosed porches, which are surrounded on three sides by windows and covered by a roof. While the style of the windows used in a sunroom can vary, those who spend time inside a sunroom can bask in the sunlight without stepping outside — a big plus during those hot summer days.

Which of these outdoor living coverings is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


Sunrooms allow you to enjoy the sunlight without getting roasted by the heat.


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