5 Home Exterior Updates

5 Home Exterior Updates

Is your house looking a bit tired? Not to fear. Here are a few different ideas to help revive your home and make it the object of jealousy on your block.

Porch Picky

black porch with white siding

Design by Linden Design

I like to think of porches as the ‘handshake of your home.’ Tiny porches do little to nothing for creating a welcoming atmosphere, so if you’ve got space to enlarge, GO. FOR. IT. This will draw the eye across the home, rather than keeping the focus in one spot.

Adding a coat of paint to the porch can really liven things up! We painted ours black, and it gave the house a fresh, purposeful look. Plus, who doesn’t love the contrast of white and black?

Skirts - Not Just for Ladies

brick skirt with white james hardie siding

Design by C Brandon Ingram

We’ve all seen the icky, concrete foundation left at the bottom of a home. Dress it up! A masonry skirt around the bottom can add some drama and texture, especially helping a siding home look more substantial next to its sturdy, brick neighbors.


The Simple Things

white brick with black railing and copper gutter

Design by Studio McGee

Gutter. It’s hardly on anyone's radar when it comes to updating a home, and that’s why it’s such a BIG DEAL! It’s a simple, yet high impact change. Pick a new, exciting color--black, bronze, or copper. It will appear that you’ve put a lot of thought into your design. Go you!

Mood Lighting

outdoor deck lighting

Design by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Set the mood. Lighting, especially at night, is so dreamy. It brings warmth to the home, while security is an added bonus. From modern light fixtures to funky, fun pieces, lighting can add that extra touch to make your house feel nice and homey.

Mother Nature

outdoor living landscaping

Design by Tait Moring, Photo by Kimberly Davis

An obvious choice is to add landscaping touches. Consider colors that compliment the time of year. Purples are always beautiful in spring, while red just seems perfectly patriotic for summer. This modern home speaks for itself, so the simple covering around the trees packs the perfect size punch.

When it comes to sprucing up your home, you don’t have to go total overhaul. Let little touches speak for themselves. For more ideas, be sure to subscribe to our blog and check out our Pinterest boards. Happy designing!


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