6 Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly

6 Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly

When we sold our first home, we received great feedback from potential buyers. Realtors even contacted us to ask if their clients could see our house to get a few ideas. That led me to thinking--what did we do that resulted in success? 

1. Atmosphere

Potential buyers will pick up on a vibe while touring your home; thus, we played classical music for each viewing. When possible, we lit a candle during an open house or had some type of light scent to fill the air (nothing too strong). We included fresh flowers in each room, as well. 

2. Clean & Organized

Keep your home clean. Easier said than done, but this is essential. A buyer will focus on the dirt, the grime, the clutter and most likely be unable to look past it. Our tip, add a cleaner (we used Fabuloso) to your toilets and sinks before a showing. It gave our home a fresh, clean smell. We also decluttered. We took down personal photos, extra books and knick-knacks, and any items that felt unnecessary. 

3. Fresh Paint

Fresh paint will go a long way. Whether it be the walls or touching up baseboards and moulding, fresh paint creates the feeling of a new home. If possible, stick to white or very light neutrals, which will allow buyers to imagine adding their own touch to the house. 

4. Natural Light 

While looking at pictures of a listing, I noticed the owner left curtains drawn over windows. This is a NO-NO! Open blinds and curtains, allowing as much natural light to flood your home as possible. We went a step further and replaced our light bulbs with daylight LED bulbs. 

5. Plants

We added fresh plants to the front garden for curb appeal, but simply pulling up dead plants or placing a few potted plants here and there would suffice. We recommend frequently watering and lavishing your plants with plant food while your home is on the market. The front of your home should be inviting for guests. 

6. Style 

If we didn't have them already, we added pillows to the couches and chairs, throws to our beds, and rugs in each room. Now, you don't need to break the bank. Use what you already have--borrow items from one room to add to another. These small touches will make a space feel purposeful and styled. Whatever your choice of decor, try to create a flow through the house from one room to the next.


Following these tips will help to set your house apart from the rest, and hopefully, result in getting list price! Fingers crossed! 


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