Alside Fairfield 80 Series Windows Review 2021
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Alside Fairfield 80 Series Windows Review 2021

Whether you need a replacement window for a home remodel or a whole set of windows for a new build, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the options. The Alside Fairfield 80 Series windows are known for being exceptionally energy efficient, and have become a real favorite thanks to their slim frame design, which maximizes glass area and allows abundant natural light to pass through.

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Alside Fairfield 80 Series Window Review 2021

Although they are not the most recognizable name in the window business, Alside has been one of North America's leading manufacturers of windows for more than 70 years. Their line includes a wide variety of affordable, high quality windows, along with other building products such as patio doors, fencing and vinyl siding.

Among Alside's wide-ranging selection of windows, the Fairfield 80 series offers a great balance of performance and aesthetics. The slim frames of the Fairfield 80 windows gives them a clean, trend-forward modern look, while the low-maintenance premium vinyl construction and energy-efficient design bring a wealth of tangible benefits.

Alside Fairfield 80 Series Window Materials

The Fairfield 80 Series are vinyl windows. Vinyl is preferred for being lightweight, low maintenance and easy to cut to any shape and size. The mainframe and sashes of the 80 series windows are fusion-welded and made of premium vinyl with multi- chambered constriction that creates insulating air spaces inside. They also have metal reinforcement in the meeting rails for greater strength and rigidity.

Are Fairfield 80 Series Windows Made for Replacement or New Construction?

Alside makes Fairfield 80 Series windows for new construction as well as replacement. The energy efficiency and slim frames of these windows makes them popular in new builds. But they have many advantages as replacement windows too, including their customization and ability to fit in a wide range of different spaces.

Are Alside Fairfield 80 Series Windows Energy Efficient?

There are numerous advantages to the Fairfield 80 Series of windows from Alside, but energy efficiency is arguably where they shine the most. These windows have several features that enhance their energy efficiency, as well as upgrades to make them even more efficient. Features include:

  • Multi-chambered construction
  • 1′′ thick insulated glass unit with optimal air space
  • Intercept Warm Edge Spacer, which helps reduce thermal transfer Drop-in glazing
  • Double-pile weather stripping
  • Low-E glass with argon gas (optional)
  • Structural foam spacer (optional)

What Styles are Alside Fairfield 80 Series Windows Available In?

Alside offers their Fairfield 80 Series windows in several styles, making them a versatile choice. These windows can look great in any room of the home, and be integrated into virtually any architectural style. The 80 Series windows are available in these styles:

  • Picture windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Single hung windows
  • Casement windows
  • Awning windows
  • Specialty shapes including full round, half round and triangle

Are Alside Fairfield 80 Series Windows Available in Custom Sizes?

Alside Fairfield 80 Series windows are available in a wide range of sizes, including custom sizes. Specs vary depending on the window style (for example, the Model A780 Picture Window is available in sizes ranging from 10"x10" all the way up to 119.5"x119.5"). Fairfield 80 Series windows have a 3-3/8′′ frame depth, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

Do Alside Fairfield 80 Series Windows Have Grilds?

Optional grilles are available on many Alside Fairfield 80 Series windows, creating a charming decorative grid pattern. Choose between Colonial, Prairie and Craftsman grid patterns in either a flat or contoured grid.

What Type of Glass Do Alside Fairfield 80 Series Windows Have?

Homeowners have the option to choose their preferred type of glass when they order custom windows from the Fairfield 80 Series. From standard clear insulated windows to multi-layered Low-E (low-emissivity) glass with argon gas for extra insulation, you get to choose your preferred option.

Low-E glass also provides protection from UV rays. Alside makes their 80 Series windows with several styles of obscure glass as well, which is a great option for windows in bathrooms and other areas where privacy is important.

What Does Alside Fairfield 80 Series Windows Hardware Look Like?

Hardware specifics vary depending on the style of window you choose. For example, Fairfield 80 sliding windows feature an integral pull handle and a specially designed brass tandem roller system, while casement windows feature a heavy-duty positive crank mechanism that is smooth and easy to operate. PAL locks are an available option, where applicable, for easy locking and unlocking.

What Colors are Alside Fairfield 80 Series Windows Available In?

Fairfield 80 Series windows are available in three solid colors: White, Almond and Desert Clay. Alside also offers Black, Silver or Architectural Bronze exterior finishes over a White or Almond interior.

Do Alside Fairfield 80 Series Windows Have a Warranty?

Alside is known for offering an industry-leading lifetime warranty on their products, and their Fairfield 80 Series windows are no exception. The warranty covers the vinyl main frame and sash, all moving parts, the insulating glass unit, screens and screen frames. The warranty is transferable, but becomes pro-rated after 10 years when transferred, so it is no longer technically a 'lifetime' warranty.

Overall, Alside Fairfield 80 Series Windows are a great option for new construction or window replacement, offering a great balance of energy efficiency and curb appeal. Contact us today to talk to the team at Brennan Enterprises about choosing the perfect windows for your home.

August 03, 2021


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