American Farmhouse Style - How Windows Make all the Difference

American Farmhouse Style - How Windows Make all the Difference

Many older homes as well as newer ones are built in what has come to be known as the American farmhouse style. The comfortable and functional farmhouses of North America evolved into this familiar look that is so much a part of the heritage and culture. Many of these homes have custom-sized windows that have a distinctive beauty all their own.

Classic American Design

american farmhouse style windows

Developed as the United States and Canada grew, the classic American farmhouse style was created by immigrants who combined style elements from the old country and the materials they could readily purchase. Immigrants brought with them the traditions of the past from Sweden, Germany and other European countries. They also added elements that were convenient for their lifestyle such as custom cabinetry.

Now loved and considered traditional, the rural style has outlasted the era of widespread small farms and homesteads. The developed design is inviting and cozy looking. While some people take no thought to its history, early American homes and decor remain loved. Refurbished and new homes of this style are favorites with first-time home buyers.

Features of American Farmhouse

Pastoral and classic, the American farmhouse style has some distinctive characteristics that make up its appearance when combined. Here are some of the main features:

  • Solid wood is used for structure, trim including window frames and shutters and furniture for inside the home and on the porch.
  • Verandas and porches are common.
  • Often, the exterior look is much like the garrison style.
  • The homes have at least two stories with an attic and even a basement.
  • The houses usually have numerous windows to let in light.

The Style for Your Home

All things considered, farmhouse style windows bring character to the rural style. Often the windows require a unique fit because their sizes are not always standard. Especially in older homes you will find windows of non-standard sizes. The window installation experts at Brennan Windows specialize in installing windows for any style home, in both standard and custom size.

Brennan Windows has been installing replacement windows since 1979, is A+ BBB rated and have been named a 5 Star Rated Contractor by Home Services Review.


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