Andersen E Series Replacement Windows in Southlake, Texas

Andersen E Series Replacement Windows in Southlake, Texas

60 x 118 andersen picture windows

These windows measure 60" x 118".

black black andersen e series windows

Because of their size, these windows are all tempered.

I love how the client can enjoy the landscaping from inside.

extra large fixed black house windows

When building with the Andersen E-Series, you can build large windows with relatively little frame material.

Our client has a green thumb and it shows up in these summer photos.

big patio doors by sierra pacific

We opted for a Sierra Pacific sliding patio door after learning the client wanted the least number of panels for a minimally obstructed view. Most patio doors of this size (10' x 10') would need to be three panels, but Sierra Pacific is one of our vendors than can build a patio door with panels up to and above 5' wide.

two panel sliding door by sierra pacific

Oversized sliding patio doors are the best way to maximize your viewing area.

10' two panel sliding patio door by sierra pacific

Sierra Pacific's structural integrity affords you the ability to have really big doors with minimal frame material.

I love when windows and doors simply and beautifully do their job, frame the outside and accent a home's style.


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