Andersen vs Kolbe Windows Review

Andersen vs Kolbe Windows Review

There are many different window and door manufacturers that you can choose from across the U.S. However, each one of them makes themselves distinctive in some way. This article aims to help you narrow down your options by comparing the differences between two well-known brands, Andersen and Kolbe Windows.

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Andersen vs Kolbe Windows Review

Both Andersen and Kolbe are among the nation's leading manufacturers of luxury windows. Both of these companies have several different lines you can choose from depending on the style and material of the window you want.

Kolbe has worked hard to produce high-quality windows with attention to their design and craftsmanship regarding ventilation, views, and light.

Andersen was founded over 115 years ago as a simple lumber business. Since then, it has grown substantially, acquiring Weiland, Heritage, and MQ brands of windows and doors over the past decade. These brands have helped them jump forward into the luxury window niche.

Andersen Window Options

Andersen offers their windows within six different series, each with its purpose and specialty. 

The 100 Series is Andersen's budget-friendly series of windows. They are made with a Fibrex composite material. This is twice as strong as vinyl and environmental material.

The 200 Series from Andersen is another affordable option, this time made out of wood. It is one of their most popular window styles because of the traditional wooden material and variety of sizes.

Andersen's 400 Series is their most popular series and the longest-standing produce they have offered as a window company. These windows are wood-clad, giving them the traditional wooden window appearance with the strength and longevity of vinyl.

The A-Series is the next, known for being more expensive but also more architecturally authentic. These windows are intentionally designed for beauty and quality in every detail.

The E-Series windows are the most customizable, meant for those intricate, difficult-to-find spots in the house. These windows come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and finishes.

The final window series from Andersen is called Renewal by Andersen. These windows are made from Fibrex. They are moderately expensive but come with a full replacement service. The windows have a focus on energy efficiency, low maintenance, and durability.

Kolbe Window Options

Kolbe offers their windows within four series. 

Their VistaLuxe Collection includes their windows with the most contemporary designs meant for modern, sleek builds. They use clean lines and maximize the expanse of glass they can include. This collection has two iterations, including the VistaLuxe WD line, which focuses on versatile shapes with extruded aluminum exteriors and wooden interiors. The VistaLuxe AL line features thermally broken windows of all-aluminum windows.

The Ultra Series mimics the traditional wooden style of windows. These windows feature warm wooden interiors and trimmed exteriors. The window frame is made of extruded aluminum on its exterior. These windows are highly durable, with options available for increased hurricane performance.

The Heritage Series features windows with a wooden interior and exterior meant to create architecturally and historically accurate detailing to a home.

Finally, the Forgent Series windows feature Glastra, a hybridized fiberglass, and UV stable polymer. The designs in this series are often more simplistic, made for convenience and long-term durability.

Andersen Window Configurations & Sizes

Andersen has windows in relatively distinct configurations. They have an array of gliding windows, pass-through windows to help open up your spaces, picture windows, and an array of specialty windows. Their specialty windows are completely customizable in shape, interior design, and material. 

Kolbe Window Configurations & Sizes

The four Kolbe series don't encompass all their window styles. For example, they only feature double-hung windows in their Ultra Series and Heritage Series. They also have a wide variety of specialty windows meant to suit odd-shaped spaces. These include:

  • Corner windows
  • Folding
  • Geometric
  • Hoppers
  • Tilt-turns
  • Radius

Otherwise, they offer the typical casement windows in crank-out, push-out, and inswing styles. Their awning windows can be crank-out or push-out as well. Finally, their sliding windows can have single panes, double, triple, and even quad.

Andersen Window Warranties

Andersen also has a variety of warranties depending on the window and the series you buy it from since the standard of material will often increase with the more expensive series. They also offer an exclusive Owner-to-Owner limited warranty, so you don't have to worry about purchasing a house with newly installed windows. Otherwise, their warranties are all limited warranties.

Kolbe Window Warranties

Kolbe has different warranties depending on which window you buy, but mostly on which series you buy it from since the designs can be different. Kolbe offers a 10-year limited warranty on the majority of its products. In the event of a workmanship defect on the windows, you can utilize their Express Limited Warranty↗ to replace the windows.

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