Andersen vs. Sierra Pacific - Replacement Windows Review

Andersen vs. Sierra Pacific - Replacement Windows Review

When you’re looking for replacement windows for your home, it’s often hard to know which vendor to select - it’s so hard to look at your options without a direct, side-by-side comparison. Well, we’ve decided to make the search process a little easier! In this article, we compare Andersen and Sierra Pacific offerings directly, pointing you to the product that is best for your home.

Andersen vs. Sierra Pacific Products

Each brand offers a unique selection of window types. Below, you'll find the product selection from each brand. For more product details, click the link. 

Andersen Sierra Pacific
Wood Aluminum Clad Wood
Composite - Fibrex Vinyl 
Vinyl-Clad H3 Fusion Tech 
Aluminum-Clad All-Wood  

Andersen vs. Sierra Pacific Finish Offerings

Each brand and window type vary in which colors are available, both interior and exterior. 


Sierra Pacific

The available window finish colors for Andersen depends on the material. The E-Series Aluminum Clad has the most options (50+), while the 200-Series Vinyl Clad has the least (2). To see the full range of available colors, see this chart. 

Sierra Pacific offers varying color options depending on material choice. Their broad range of finishes available for vinyl and aluminum clad windows boasts 75 different finishes in 7 design collections, with color matching available. The company also offers wood finish options (9) for All-Wood windows. To explore all interior & exterior options, visit the Sierra Pacific website. 

Sierra Pacific Windows

Warranty Coverage: Andersen vs. Sierra Pacific

Both Andersen and Sierra Pacific want to prioritize one thing above all others: your satisfaction! That's why both vendors offer amazing warranties. However, it's important to know what is and is not covered by both vendor warranties.

Andersen Warranty Coverage Sierra Pacific Warranty Coverage

Andersen offers the following standard warranty coverage: 

  • 20 years on glass
  • 10 years on operable parts
  • Labor is not included in warranty coverage - warranty not prorated

Depending on the product purchased, Sierra Pacific's Limited Warranty coverage ranges. For details, read more about their warranties. 

Andersen vs. Sierra Pacific Product Lead Time

When ordering replacement windows, it's important to understand how quickly your product can be made available to you. In industry lingo, this is called lead time. Depending on the manufacturing process and distributor locations, this can vary. 

Andersen Sierra Pacific
4-8 week lead time 6-10 week lead time

Pricing Differences: Andersen vs. Sierra Pacific

After taking into account window custom size and shape, average window prices are competitive between the two vendors. 

Andersen Sierra Pacific
$$$-$$$$$ $$-$$$$$
Average cost of $750-$1,300+ per window Average cost of $400-$1,300+ per window
*Labor is not included

After seeing some of the product information side-by-side, we hope it's easier to make your decision. If you have any further questions or inquiries about product offerings, we'd love to help - give us a call!

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