Are Andersen Windows Worth It?

Are Andersen Windows Worth It?

If you're working on new construction or renovations, you may receive a high price quote and question are Andersen windows worth it? Andersen sells their windows through window dealers. Because they aren’t a direct-to-consumer brand, the windows dealers can charge higher prices but that doesn't mean they aren't a worthy investment. These top-rated windows are energy-efficient, durable and a great choice but is your quote too high? And, what's the best price? Let's explore the benefits of Andersen windows to help you make the best decision for your home.

What Are the Advantages of Andersen Windows?

Most residential replacement window searches start with a search for Andersen windows. As one of the biggest window manufacturers in the country the company's brand recognition drives much of its value. Without quality products and service Andersen would not be the giant it is. 

  • Andersen sells all the most common window styles in a variety of collections
  • Andersen offers five window collections including the 100 Series, 200 Series, 400 Series, A-Series, and E-Series
  • All of Andersen's windows are covered by an Owner-to-Owner warranty
  • Multiple collections, sizes, and customization factors make it easy to design windows for your budget

Additionally, Andersen is repeatedly recognized by ENERGY STAR for their energy-efficient window and door products. The company continually works to reduce emissions and protect our environment. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Andersen Windows?

Andersen is a leading innovator with manufacturing windows. In business since 1903, while they're responsive to customer needs, there are a few disadvantages with this brand. 

  • Andersen doesn't offer as many style variations as some of their competitors
  • The price point for aluminum clad and fiberglass clad windows can make them very expensive
  • Andersen doesn't offer labor warranties or lifetime warranties
  • Price varies from dealer to dealer because most window company sales representatives work on commission

Renewal By Andersen is Not Andersen Windows

When you're busy with home improvements it's easy to confuse companies with similar names. Renewal By Andersen is not the same company as Andersen Windows but they are owned by Andersen Windows. Renewal by Andersen sells Andersen Fibrex® windows but Fibrex® windows aren't Andersen's only product. 

Windows can be purchased at big box stores, through window dealers, and from direct-to-consumer brand stores. Andersen sells windows from all five of its collections including Fibrex® windows through window dealers. If you've gotten a quote from Renewal by Andersen and thought it was too high, find an Andersen dealer near you and get an additional quote. As we mentioned, these aren't the same company and you'll likely get different price options. 

What is Andersen’s Best Selling Window?

Andersen's best selling windows come from the Andersen 400 Series. The 400 Series has a reputation as an entry-level wood window. It's more affordable than solid wood windows and has the benefit of vinyl cladding. Among our customers in North Texas, Andersen's 100 Series and E-Series are the most popular.

Andersen 100 Series Windows

Andersen 100 Series are the cheapest and these low-maintenance windows are made of Fibrex (thermoplastic PVC polymer and wooden fibers). Designed for harsh weather, quality isn't sacrificed and these windows include 6 different styles. The windows start around $400 and are comparable to high-end vinyl windows. 

Andersen 400 Series

The Andersen 400 Series is their most popular brand and includes 7 different styles including awning, bay & bow, casement, double-hung, gliding, picture, and specialty shape windows.

Andersen E Series

The E Series is a customizable option that's popular with architects and has 50 different options for their aluminum-clad windows. With custom color options, you can explore ways to increase your curb appeal with different interior and exterior window color variations. 

Other selling points that make Andersen a preferred brand include the range of colors they come in, the low prices and how they resist fading, rotting, decaying and peeling.

Not finding the look you want? Wood frames and aluminum are other alternatives your representative can help with. Located in North Texas? Get in touch with our team to schedule a meeting with one of our window consultants. 

So, Are Andersen Windows Worth It?

Anderson windows can help increase the value of your home substantially. Aside from being a competitive brand, their windows highly increase energy efficiency. These high-end upgrades are also long-lasting and preferred over vinyl or cheap aluminum options. The price you might pay may vary depending on your home's size, area and the style you select. The cost of installation and materials can also affect your price. 

Competitors may have cheaper alternatives but don't sacrifice quality. Ask about financing options, seasonal discounts and any installation discounts when you set up your free consultation. That way you can increase your savings.

Andersen Windows: A Clear Winner

Andersen is an eco-friendly and sustainable business. They sell a variety of exceptionally high-quality, low-maintenance windows that will improve your energy efficiency and you might expect a 70% ROI with replacement windows. Andersen also makes it easy to repair their windows or replace them. As this is a highly reputable brand, it's no wonder it's a top choice with homeowners, contractors and architects.


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