Are Your Garage Doors and Windows a Match Made in Heaven?

Are Your Garage Doors and Windows a Match Made in Heaven?

garage-door1If you are about to replace your windows and doors, you've probably considered a lot of things: price, energy-efficiency, frame material, etc...

But have you thought about the garage door? Yes, that giant door that we drive in and out of every day (but rarely think about) can take up as much as a third of the facade of the home. If you don't consider how your new windows and doors will look next to it, the overall curb appeal of your home might not be ideal.

There is no "right answer" when it comes to selecting the perfect windows and doors to go along with your garage door, but we want to go over a few things you'll definitely want to consider as you go through the buying process.

P.S. - We want to thank our friends at Premier Entry Systems for their fantastic garage door photos. Premier specializes in custom wood garage doors, and we think they do an awesome job. Check them out!


For a uniform look that screams "custom design", choose windows and doors with neutral trim colors. These tan windows blend nicely into the surrounding brick and overall exterior. In this home, the garage door is the star of the show. In addition, consider how the window and door grilles (bars) will complement the stiles and rails (vertical and horizontal panels) on the garage door. The windows on this home have colonial grilles that go both horizontally and vertically, matching the wood directions on the garage door.


Here is another example of how matching rails and stiles on the garage and entry doors can be used to great effect. The diagonal direction of the wood on both doors makes it cohesive, while the art glass and slightly lighter colored wood of the front door provides just enough contrast to keep it interesting.


On the other hand, choosing windows and doors that contrast sharply with the garage door can give an interesting dynamic to the home. The white-framed windows accented with forest green panels look great with these wooden garage doors while staying unique. If you are trying to make your home look less cookie cutter, this is a great way to go. However, not all contrasting color combinations look this good, so be sure to consult with a home improvement expert before going this route!

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