Ask Brennan: "Can I Get Free Windows for My House?"
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Ask Brennan: "Are There Programs That Help Subsidize The Cost of Replacement Windows?"

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Although replacing the windows in your home is a great investment, it can be an expensive project. So naturally, we get a lot of questions regarding payment options.

Despite the often large price tag, many homeowners do opt to pay for windows with cash. Those who prefer not to spend cash often ask about financing and recently we’ve had more people ask about government or local programs that assist homeowners with the cost of replacing the windows in their home. If you fall into the latter category and need additional assistance, this post is for you.

When it comes to the question “Can I get free windows for my house?”, it’s important to understand that there are no programs that will offer you free window deals or subsidization – at least none that we are aware of.

Like us, you may have seen some ads on your social media feeds that advertise free windows but take this as a “buyer beware” post. If you see an ad that says you can get windows for free, be aware that it’s likely a scam to collect your information and sell it to a company that will want to sell you windows rather than help you navigate an assistance program. 

It’s not that companies want to sell you windows despite your need for funding, often these companies are unaware of the advertising tactics being used by third parties. Keep in mind that most window or contracting companies are not equipped to help you navigate government programs. In order to get real assistance you’ll need to find a program and seek direction from a program coordinator. 

Unless you are working directly with a program coordinator the best most companies will be able to do is offer payment plans through a financing partner in addition to any additional discount offers. It’s important to check with your local contractors and window companies to compare financing options.

Financing Options For Window Replacement Projects

Financing your project could be a great option if you don’t have any assistance programs in your area or you don’t qualify for assistance. You can also consider splitting your project into multiple phases but understand that when you split a project into phases you may incur additional costs like multiple trip fees, disposal fees, permitting fees, etc. Each of these are often charged by phase so you can either do all your windows in one phase or split it into multiple.

For homeowners in North Texas, at Brennan, we provide financing options through EnerBankUSA and Synchrony Financial. To learn more about the financing options we offer, please visit our financing page to view our buy now pay later options.

September 27, 2023


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