Best Siding Brands

Best Siding Brands

Building materials continue to evolve with modern technology. Homeowners today have access to lots of brands, styles, and materials for home building products.

In this post, we’ll try to help you find the right siding for your project. We’ve listed some of the best siding brands available for each material type.

Keep in mind that siding is more than an aesthetic element of your home. Although it has a major impact on your home’s curb appeal its primary task is to protect the structural integrity of the home. And although the siding itself isn’t a structural component of your home it is the structure’s first line of defense against damage caused by rain, wind, insects, and many other outside elements. 

Best Vinyl Siding Brands
Best Wood Siding Brands
Best Engineered Wood Siding Brands
Best Fiber Cement Siding Brands
Best Metal Siding Brands
Best Brick Veneer Siding Brands
Best Stone Veneer Siding Brands

Best Vinyl Siding Brands

Vinyl siding is the most popular option for siding throughout the United States. It’s generally the most inexpensive and requires the least amount of maintenance.

Siding made from vinyl is primarily made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin, it’s essentially a durable form of plastic.

Modern vinyl siding is engineered to be long-lasting, resistant to rot, and easy to clean. Homeowners who want vinyl siding have lots of options for brands, colors, styles, and price ranges. 


CertainTeed has over 100 years in the building industry and is a leading brand of building products. Their siding products are available in dozens of fade-resistant colors and are backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

CertainTeed products offer exceptional quality and an attractive appearance. Visit CertainTeed’s website(↗)to explore their 11 collections of vinyl siding styles including horizontal, vertical, shake and shingle siding options.


Alside has over 70 years of experience in the building industry. This company invented the first residential baked enamel aluminum siding and is now a leader in vinyl building products. 

Alside vinyl siding is available in multiple styles, colors, and thickness. In fact, Alside’s Prodigy line is the thickest insulated siding available. Learn more about Alside’s vinyl siding options at↗)

Royal Building Products

Another top brand for vinyl siding is Royal Building Products(↗)(RBP). Their products offer authentic woodgrains, brushed paint looks, and dozens of popular profiles. 

RBP vinyl product lines are low-maintenance and backed by a double lifetime warranty.

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Best Wood Siding Brands

Wood siding, like other wood building products, offers a unique and natural beauty. It’s considered a high-end product and you’ll find that reflected in its cost and the added resale value.

Wood products are always great for homeowners who want something that is highly customizable and durable but it’s only recommended for homeowners who can properly maintain the siding in good condition. 

Without proper maintenance wood siding becomes more susceptible to mold, wood rot, and warping as well as termites, woodpeckers, and other critters.

Before making a final decision on which type of wood siding you want to check with your local lumberyard for more insight. To jumpstart your search take a look at Maibec.


Maibec(↗) is a family-run business that actually began as a lumber manufacturer over 70 years ago. For over 40 years now, they’ve offered genuine wood siding products and that is the focus of their company today. 

Maibec genuine wood siding offers multiple options in grades, shingle styles, installation systems, and colors. Plus, they’re products are covered by multiple warranties including a 30-year limited warranty against wood decay.

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Best Engineered Wood Siding Brands

Engineered wood siding is a great alternative to genuine wood siding products. It’s more affordable and doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance as solid wood siding. This is a great option for homeowners who want an upgrade from vinyl siding. 

Engineered siding is a composite material made from strands or fibers of wood and resin. It is manufactured to be resistant to fungal decay and insects such as termites. 

Like other siding materials, it can be cut into planks, shakes, trim, and other accessories. It can also be made to be smooth or to have a woodgrain appearance.  

LP Build Products - LP SmartSide

LP(↗) was founded in 1973 and is now a global leader in engineered wood products. LP manufactures several building products, their siding products are branded as LP SmartSide. 

This company offers multiple styles, widths, and profiles making it easy to customize and find everything you need from one company. LP products stand out as one of the most durable options available on the market and they’re available in 16-foot lengths that result in fewer seams and a cleaner look.

Plus, LP backs their products with a 50-year limited warranty.

Collins - TruWood

TruWood(↗) siding is manufactured by Collins(↗), a family-owned business since 1855. This Oregon based company offers a wide selection of products that are made from residual wood fibers. 

Their weather-resistant siding products are backed a 30-year limited warranty.

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Best Fiber Cement Siding Brands

Fiber cement is a popular siding choice for homeowners. It combines the performance of traditional masonry products with the look of other siding materials like wood, stone, or brick.

It is made from a mixture of water, wood pulp, sand or ash, and cement. This mixture makes the fiber cement flexible and resilient. Additional benefits of fiber cement siding include being low maintenance, fire-resistant, rot-resistant, and termite-proof. 

This material works well in most climates and withstands winds up to 130 mph.

James Hardie

James Hardie(↗) is one of the most recognized names among fiber cement siding brands. According to James Hardie, their siding has been installed on over 8 million homes across North America.

In the US and Canada, James Hardie offers products formulated for either northern or southern regions ensuring that the siding will effectively withstand weather, water, time, fire, and pests. 

James Hardie siding is backed by a 30-year limited warranty.


Nichiha(↗) was founded in Japan in 1956, this global company established a headquarters in the US in 1998. They offer plank siding and wall panels in a variety of styles and finishes. 

Included in Nichiha’s style offerings are brick and stone wall panels making it a great alternative for homeowners who are interested in stone or brick siding but prefer the qualities and cost of fiber cement. They’re also a popular choice in commercial application.

Nichiha’s warranties vary by product but range from 10-30 years. 


Allura(↗) has been around for over 75 years and offers fiber cement products throughout North America. They are the only fiber cement company warrantied for all of North America–plus, it’s a 50-year limited warranty.

Lap siding, panels, shakes, trim, and soffits. Allura has a full spread of options including varying sizes, colors, and stains. 

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Best Metal Siding Brands

The metal siding brands are most commonly made from steel or aluminum materials. Generally, metal siding is installed as corrugated panels or panels that mimic the look of lap siding or vertical boards. It’s usually applied to commercial or residential apartment buildings but it’s also available for houses and other building structures. 

The price range for the metal siding is pretty wide as it depends on the type of metal. According to MetalRoofing.Systems(↗) steel is usually the most affordable followed by aluminum, zinc, and copper. 

Metal siding can offer good insulation, is resistant to water, insects, and fire but it is prone to denting and scratches. 


Kingspan(↗) is a global company that operates in over 60 companies. They make insulated panel systems, architectural panels, and facades for commercial and residential apartment buildings. 

Kingspan also offers a metal panel that is designed to resemble the look and texture of stucco masonry.


Longboard(↗) is known for producing aluminum siding and soffit that mimics the look of wood siding without the maintenance. 

Longboard offers a wide variety of color options and stain finishes which makes it easier to find the right color in mixed material facade buildings. And because Longboard is a Mayne Inc product it is also pretreated to achieve high-performance standards. (Mayne Inc provides powder coating to other architectural manufacturers.)

This siding product is backed by a 50-year limited warranty for commercial and residential customers.


Rollex(↗) was founded in the early 1950s. At that time the specialized in roll forming and extruding metals and in 1959 they introduced the first modular pre-finished soffit system. 

Rollex expanded into the siding business in the 1980s. Today they offer pre-finished aluminum and steel soffit, siding, and accessories. 

All of Rollex’s products are protected by a limited lifetime warranty. 

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Best Brick Veneer Siding Brands

Brick veneer siding is an affordable alternative to full brick siding. It is lightweight and looks like the real thing (because it is, mostly). Brick veneer is made with thin pieces of real clay brick and mortar making it much lighter than full brick siding. 

This choice is durable, low-maintenance, and installs easily. However, brick isn’t perfect as it can crack in areas prone to vibrations and moisture retention can also be a concern. 


Z-BRICK(↗) has offered manufactured brick veneer for builders and homeowners since 1965. It’s an economical product designed for easy application for homeowners. Z-BRICK is weatherproof and shouldn’t require any maintenance. 

This brand is actually manufactured by Zygrove Corporation and is backed by a limited 50-year guarantee. 

Brick It

Brick It(↗) has been in the industry since 1985 and offers brick veneer products throughout the US, Canada, and other countries. They offer a variety of products including thin brick veneer. 

This company offers hundreds of colors, textures, and multiple shapes and sizes. Panels are lightweight, strong, and designed to create equal weight distribution.


Tru-Brix(↗) brick veneers are used commercially and residentially. It is designed to replace vinyl, brick, wood, or aluminum siding. 

It’s an affordable product that uses real brick material which helps improve home resale values. 

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Best Stone Veneer Siding Brands

Homeowners and buyers love the look of stone facade. It’s grown in popularity and it’s the type of home improvement project that offers major returns when it’s time to sell. 

Quality stone veneer siding is made from sliced stone making it lighter and easier to install than genuine full stone. This project is a great investment but only if it’s installed by trusted and experienced siding technicians.

When stone siding isn’t properly installed cracking and moisture can become a problem for the house’s structure.

Coronado Stone Products

Coronado Stone Products(↗) was founded in 1959 by Mel Bacon. Mel’s mold’s and production technology helped many independent siding start-up companies in the mid-1960s. Today Coronado is recognized as a leader for their innovation.

Coronado’s products are handcrafted from natural stone. They manufacture over 50 different veneer styles from classic styles to styles inspired by castles. 

Cultured Stone

Cultured Stone(↗) was founded in the 1960s, they have a strong reputation as premier stone veneer manufacturers. They offer products for commercial and residential applications.

Homeowners can choose from over a dozen stone styles and multiple color options. Cultured Stone products have a 50-year transferable limited warranty.

Eldorado Stone

Eldorado Stone(↗) has manufactured stone veneer products for over 45 years. Founded in the state of Washington, the company is now an international corporation. 

This company is known for making the most realistic molds for stone veneer. 

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To learn more about the other brands mentioned in this article or to find a dealer near you visit the manufacturer's website. 


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