Best Windows For Home Remodel

Best Windows For Home Remodel

Whether you have built a new home or have bought an older house, you will likely need to replace your windows at some point. If you are giving your home a remodel, you will likely want to match the window styles and age with the rest of the home to do a complete job. That is what we are here to help you understand, how to find the best windows for your home remodel.

Who Makes the Best Windows for Home Remodel Projects

First, you need to understand what makes a good window brand to understand which window manufacturers are worth the money and which you should overlook. Four specific qualities make a high-quality window brand.

  • Durability

This widely comes down to the materials they choose to use. If you find one specific manufacturer that offers windows at a significantly reduced price, it is likely too good to be true. They have probably used cheap materials that will result in the early breakdown of the window's effectiveness. You should only need to replace your windows every 15 to 20 years. You can often look at the company's warranty since it will reflect their belief in their window's manufacturing. 

  • Energy efficiency

This is perhaps the most important for most customers. There are a variety of certifications that your window manufacturer might have gotten to prove their window's energy efficiency. If you don't see evidence of these right away, talk to them about it.

  • Aesthetics

Beauty is another good aspect to consider, especially when you are remodeling your home. Choose an aesthetic that matches your home's new look.

  • Customer service

Finally, check into the brand's reviews on sites like Trustpilot. These will keep you informed about the customer service the company offers should you buy with them.

The Top Window Brands

These are some of the top window brands in the United States. They suit most or all the characteristics that we identified above.

  • Alside
  • Andersen
  • Atrium
  • Jeld-Wen
  • NT Window
  • Marvin
  • Pella
  • Simonton


Alside prioritizes beauty with efficiency in their window designs. They have compiled decades of innovation to create some of their best collections to suit almost any space.


Andersen prides itself on stellar customer service. They have built a team that will help you find the perfect window type for your project, picking from a large variety of quality products.


Atrium supplies its customers with great styles that perform with a high level of efficiency. Their windows tend to be low maintenance because of the durable materials they use.


Jeld-Wen wants their windows to inspire, setting your home apart with brilliant designs and suitable styles meant to fit your vision. They use a variety of materials, from traditional wood to high-performance vinyl.

NT Window

NT Windows offers a line called Twinsulator windows. They offer extra strength due to the presence of aluminum and combine it with high-performance glass to give you a beautiful, efficient and strong window for a variety of spaces.


Marvin windows are a globally informed manufacturer. They combine designs from Europe and America to create windows with exceptional aesthetics and incredible levels of performance.


Pella Windows is a larger company that offers a wide variety of windows in terms of both style and materials. If you prefer wood, vinyl or fiberglass, you can find it all through Pella.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Ten Windows

When you remodel your house, there are often quite a few aspects to consider and pieces of the home you want to change. For example, the average home will replace around ten windows when the owner conducts a remodel.

If you decide to remodel with vinyl, you will likely have to pay around $19,385 to get them all replaced. If you decide to opt for a more traditional wood window, you will end up spending closer to $23,219. Fiberglass will be even more since it combines aesthetics with extra durability.

How to Choose the Right Windows for Remodel

When you choose your window manufacturer, they will often have an option to come out to your home and fit the selected windows. If you already have a contractor, they will likely have their own installation methods for windows during remodel projects.

The practice your contractor might use can vary from state to state since the way the window is fit is partially determined by the requirements the climate imposes.

When you choose the right windows for the remodel, you need to be aware of what kind of window you need, not only what style and material you want. Generally, remodels that require opening a new whole should use windows with nail fins. Remodel projects that are replacing windows and keeping the same opening should use full frame windows. 

What Should You Consider When Purchasing Residential Windows

You need to consider all kinds of aspects before you purchase the residential windows you need for your remodel. These are the primary considerations.

  • Frame Material

There are quite a few options for window frames that have been developed over the last several decades. As technology advances, so has our home's energy efficiency based on materials like fiberglass and vinyl. You can also opt for a wooden frame. These are still energy-efficient but also require quite a bit more maintenance.

  • Glass Package

Single pane windows are essentially a thing of the past. Instead, the most common glass package is a double-pane window. These utilize one of the best insulators in the world to stop your windows from being energy deficient, air. You can also get triple-pane windows, although most experts say that there is essentially very little difference in their increased energy efficiency.

  • NFRC Ratings

NFRC stands for the National Fenestration Rating Council. This council gives ratings for the energy efficiency of a window and door. The rating gives you specific information about the window, including its U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, Air Leakage and Visible Transmittance.

  • Window Styles

The window's style depends on the area in which it should fit and what you want it to do. Some of the more common window types include single and double-hung windows, casement, awning, sliding and picture windows.

  • Window Sizes

Again, the size of the window depends on the space you have for it. During the remodel, you will have to decide whether you want to use holes already there, change their size or create new ones.

  • Installation Methods

The installation method primarily depends on your contractor. If you prefer the installation method, talk to them about it before signing any work contracts.

  • Lead Times

The lead time of your window is how long it will take to ship to your contractor before they can put it in. It varies by manufacturer. However, if you buy typical window sizes and styles, the lead time will be shorter than a customized window.

  • Warranties

Warranties are essential for replacement windows. Anything can happen to them, and it is even worse if there are manufacturer problems with it. Ensure that the window has a warranty and try to find one that stays in effect for at least ten years, if not up to 25.

  • Where to Purchase Replacement Windows

The company you choose will vary based on your location and the kind of window you are interested in. Look at the list of quality window manufacturers above to get a starting idea of where you might want to buy your window.

There are so many decisions you will need to make when remodeling your home. Some of them, like colors and designs, are pretty fun. Others involve technical details that you want to get right to save as much money as possible. If you find yourself overwhelmed when choosing windows for a home remodel, talk to window and door experts at Brennan Corp to answer your questions.


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