Black Vinyl Window Problems

Black Vinyl Window Problems

Black vinyl windows are popular in structural designs for their durability and style. They create an attractive contrast with light-colored exteriors, taking a break from the typical white of vinyl. However, as with all building products, a few considerations come along with their benefits. 

If you're interested in black windows, this guide will explain everything you need to know before installing them. What are the typical black vinyl window problems and are they exclusive to this color and material? What brands are the best for this window type?

Black Vinyl Window Problems

Black windows are subject to the same wear and tear that eventually happens to all vinyl windows, regardless of color. All materials that are exposed to the sun will eventually fade and warp. The key is to get a quality black vinyl window that is prepared to handle a broad temperature range, especially with heat absorption in mind. When you pick the right brand and type of vinyl for your region, you'll enjoy many years of functional use.  

Do Black Vinyl Windows Fade?

Yes, black vinyl windows fade. But this is the case with all vinyl windows. Time catches up with every material, no matter how well it's made. When you purchase a high-quality black vinyl window, the manufacturer has considered all the typical back vinyl window problems, which include fading. This is why you will find brands like Pella that devote their research to making better vinyl. Pella boasts its unique vinyl formula that they test against extreme weather to verify its strength and color retention. To ensure the most benefits, in invest in a brand that tests its products for colorfastness.

Will Black Vinyl Windows Warp?

Yes, black vinyl windows can warp. But when you invest in a vinyl window that has an enhanced structure to resist this problem, you will enjoy your windows much more. For instance, Pella's vinyl windows are made out of multi-chambered frames, which increases the window’s strength. A multi-chambered frame has "pockets" to strengthen your window. If this kind of window ever warps, it has to be a significant event like a storm or impact.

Are Black Windows Energy-Efficient?

No black window is automatically energy-efficient, but there are brands that use techniques to improve the energy efficiency of vinyl windows. For instance, multi-chambered frames have pockets to not just fortify the window's structure, but also serve as insulation to slow heat transfer. This insulation keeps comfortable temperatures indoors and therefore puts less strain on your HVAC system. 

Another way black windows can be more energy-efficient is when they are equipped with high-quality glass. Ask for windows made with Cardinal Low-E glass, which offers different levels of sun and heat loss protection. Ask your window provider about the many types of glass that can optimize your energy usage needs. Whether you need glass that cools your home for most of the year or one that can handle below-freezing temperatures, there is an ideal glass for your situation. When both the frame and glass are working together to insulate or regulate sunlight entry, you'll achieve better energy efficiency compared to standard vinyl windows.

How to Find a Good Quality Vinyl Window

To find a good quality vinyl window, research the market's current offerings and ask window professionals for their expert opinion. Overall, brands that offer excellent vinyl windows with structural enhancements and energy-efficient glass are:

  • Alside offers affordable and quality vinyl windows in black.
  • Pella offers a variety of options that include standard to hurricane-grade strength frames. 
  • JELD-WEN is a leading brand that offers vinyl windows in many different looks. JELD-WEN is especially known for having vinyl windows that look close to natural wood. 
  • MI offers a variety of styles and colors to achieve custom results. This brand also offers many energy-star certified products.
  • NT Window is our most trusted vinyl window partner. This company consistently ranks as a top 100 brand and offers quality, energy-star certified products.
  • Ply Gem has many color options and produces vinyl that's known for its superior thermal performance.

Can I Get Black Windows in Other Materials?

Yes, you can get black windows in other materials like fiberglass, wood, aluminum, and clad windows. Wood windows can be painted black, and several types of aluminum can also be custom painted to achieve this look whenever you want. Also, like vinyl, aluminum windows can come in black without needing to be painted for a simple installation.

Black Vinyl Windows

Black vinyl windows are a stylish option for your next home upgrade. With many brands dedicated to improving the performance and looks of vinyl, you'll find many options to feel good about.


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