Black Vinyl Windows Pros and Cons

Black Vinyl Windows Pros and Cons

Black vinyl windows have certainly made a splash in the home design scene. From social media to home improvement websites, you’re sure to see images of this trend. Read on to learn if this type of window is right for your home. 

Black Vinyl Windows Pros and Cons 

From durability to appearance, black vinyl windows have their share of pros and cons. Here are a few important considerations. 


  • Great for a variety of home styles. Black vinyl windows add dramatic flair to many types of homes. For a modern-looking home, for example, you want to go bold. Many minimalist, contemporary homes have white or grey siding. Add large, black-framed windows and you have an eye-catching, geometric effect. Black vinyl windows will work for other home styles, too. You can’t beat black exterior frames for eye-catching contrast on a light-colored farmhouse or mid-century modern home. A light touch is best when it comes to black vinyl windows. Like all dramatic styles, a little bit goes a long way. Black is a dominant color, and it’s easy to overdo it. It’s better to have one large, stunning black vinyl window that multiple windows that look too busy.
  • Help regulate indoor temperature. Black vinyl window frames can help lower your heating bill, too. Since the color black absorbs heat, black vinyl window frames help keep your house warm during cold weather. When the temperature drops, you can enjoy a more comfortable home as well as stylish windows. 
  • Won’t fade. Window frames take a beating from constant sun exposure. Thanks to new finishing technologies↗, you don’t have to worry about black vinyl windows fading. The powder-coat finish is much more durable than it was years ago. Black vinyl window frames keep their dark, bold color year after year without the hassle of regular maintenance. 


  • Prone to warping. Vinyl is not a rigid material, so vinyl windows frames can soften and warp in extreme temperatures. Black vinyl window frames retain heat, making them even more likely to warp. Windows that face west are the most susceptible to this problem. 
  • Black grills are not always visible. Black vinyl window frames are not always visible from outdoors. During the day, the black grills blend in with the darker interior, giving the windows a cave-like appearance. The grills are most visible in the evening, when the indoor lights are on and there are no curtains or blinds. If privacy is a priority in your home, you may want to choose a lighter color vinyl window.  
  • Black becomes the dominant color. True, black window frames look dramatic. Black interior frames, however, can make decorating a room more difficult. White blinds, for example, clash with the black frames. For privacy, you would have to use either black blinds or Roman shades, which may not be your style preference. Unlike light colored vinyl window frames, black interior frames will dominate your color scheme. Not everyone wants their décor to permanently revolve around black. If you like to change your color scheme now and then, you may want to opt for black exterior windows with white interior frames.  

Who Sells Black Vinyl Windows? 

Black vinyl windows are available in a variety of styles from top manufacturers. 

  • Alside
  • NT Window

Andersen also offers black as a standard color on nearly all of its product lines including a matte finish black on the 100 Series Fibrex windows.

Should I Buy Black Vinyl Windows? 

Before you decide whether to buy black vinyl windows, make sure you weigh the pros and cons. Are fade-resistant windows worth the risk of warping? Will you be comfortable with a limited choice in window treatments? Do you prefer bold exterior lines and shapes? Although they’re not for everyone, black vinyl windows may be the right choice for you.

Black vinyl windows make a bold design statement, but are they right for your home? Choosing windows can be a complex task that involves questions of style as well as comfort. A professional window installer can help you select the best windows for your needs.


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