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Buying Black Bifold Exterior Doors

Ready for a big upgrade to your back patio? Black exterior doors are extremely popular right now. They are perfect for homeowners who really enjoy their outdoor space and for those who love to entertain. Black bifold exterior doors really capture your attention and beautifully frame the view to your back patio. In this post, we'll let you know which products we recommend to our clients and why.

What are Bifold Doors?

Bifold doors are continuous glass-paneled doors that fold like an accordion when opened. They consist of multiple panels run on tracks. The panels are connected to each other with hinges enabling them to fold and slide down the track opening opening up the space for traffic.

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Who Sells Black Bifold Exterior Doors?

If you are looking specifically for black bifold exterior doors, we've got you covered. As you begin your big door journey, you'll want to learn about the best options so that you can feel confident knowing you are selecting a good, durable, beautiful product for your home. There are many companies that sell black bifold doors, you can even find them in inventory from big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot but you'll want to do your research before purchasing any of those. 

The two brands we recommend for customers interested in folding patio doors is Centor and Andersen. These are two of the biggest and most trusted companies in the window and door industry. They manufacture beautiful and durable products and are available with support to contractors and homeowners before, while, and after their products are installed. We'll tell you more about these companies and their products next. 

Black doors are currently trending along with black windows but these manufacturers offer their doors in black and other colors.


Centor↗ is a door and window manufacturer that opened in 1951 — that's seven decades of experience. The company's products are designed for homeowners who want to blend indoor and outdoor living. Centor products help homeowners bring their vision of an indoor/outdoor lifestyle to life. 

A leader in innovation, Centor invented and patented the hardware needed to use folding doors as exterior openings. Today Centor is the leading door component supplier in the UK, Europe, and North America. Centor was also the first company to invent a weather-sealed bifold system and design an integrated door with hidden screens and shades. 


Homeowners and contractors searching for windows and doors often begin with Andersen↗Why? Andersen has a long established reputation of manufacturing the highest quality products. Over the past 115 years Andersen has developed and expanded their product offerings to include the best options for owners of single-family and multi-family properties. Andersen products are consistently found on top product lists and are a consistently recognized for making ENERGY STAR quality windows and doors. 

There are additional bifold exterior door brands but these are the ones we recommend because of the quality of their products and our experience with their customer service.

Examples of Black Folding Doors from Other Manufacturers

Centor Integrated Folding Door Features

Centor has bifold doors in two styles, the 200 series and 400 series, the major difference between the two is the door frame material. The 200 series has a wood interior and aluminum exterior while the 400 series is all aluminum. 

Both doors feature (optional) built-in shades and screens to protect against insects, and sunlight, and also provides privacy. The configuration can range from two panels to four panels in one direction, it also allows one to have key access from outside. It is fitted with hidden hinges and latches that make the door look very sleek. Most big doors have large hardware that are visible when looking straight at the door, that's not the case with Centor doors. Centor does have size limitations and they can be very pricey but the quality of the door and smooth operation are well worth the cost.

205 Integrated Folding Door

The 205 integrated folding door is a bifold door made from a combination of solid  interior wood paneling and exterior thermally improved aluminum covering, 

  • Max frame width: 30' 11 ⅜" ( 9434mm)
  • Max frame height: 9’ 5 ½” ( 2884mm)
  • Max panel width 3' 8 ½" (1130mm) 
  • Max panel height is  9’ (2743mm)

405 Integrated Folding Door

The 405 integrated folding door is made from thermally improved aluminum and can be configured from two to four panels. 

  • Max frame width: 30' 11 ⅜" ( 9434mm)
  • Max frame height: 9’ 5 ½” ( 2884mm)
  • Max panel width 3' 8 ½" (1130mm) 
  • Max panel height is  9’ (2743mm)

Andersen Folding Door Options and Features

Andersen has two types of bifold doors, the Outswing folding door and the Beefy bifold doors

Outswing Folding Doors

The Andersen outswing folding doors are made from a two-component material of Aluminum on the exterior and solid wood on the interior. 

They come in two styles, the contemporary style and the traditional panel style. The contemporary style features a panel thickness of about 2 1/4'' and 3 11/16'' stiles, while the traditional panel features 4 11/16'' stiles and top rail with a choice of 8'' or 12'' bottom rail height, the panel thickness is 1 3/4''. 

  • Max height: 10' 
  • Max width: 48' 

The top hung system allows for easy operation and it can be designed to open from the left, right, or center. 

Another important feature of this door is its energy efficiency, the aluminum-clad component is weather-stripped at the edges, top, and bottom to prevent energy loss. For people living in coastal areas; the Andersen bifold door is doubly proofed with Stormwatch protection.

Beefy Bifold Doors

Beefy Andersen bifold door is for those who have a wider opening than you can fit with the outswing door above. 

  • Max height: 13'6"
  • Max width: 40'
  • Max panel width: 5'

 It has an aluminum-clad wood construction with a center pivot design and an internal bolt locking design. The door stacks nicely on the side to provide enough space for use. 

You can choose from a variety of 50 colors for this particular door. The door handle comes in different colors and designs while the glass panel is also made from a triple pane and coated with low emissivity on both sides.

Benefits of Using a Bifold Door

  • Allows you to extend your outdoor space to incorporate nature into your home
  • Helps you to maximize natural light in your home
  • Provides a connection between nature and you in your home
  • Provides access to a great vista in your home even during unfavorable weather


Bifold exterior doors are used by many homeowners to extend access to outdoor spaces that can be used at different seasons of the year, they are aesthetically pleasing and make a great addition to a home. However before you make the important decision to purchase one, it is important that you understand what to look out for and where to get the best type for your home. Don't take this decision lightly, big bifold patio doors a major expense. The glass in big doors and windows is heavy so you need a product with a solid frame and good hardware to withstand all the wear of regular use. Additionally, you'll need a skilled team of installers to put the door together and to install it properly.

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