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Removing Scratches from Glass Windows: 3 At-Home Techniques

Removing scratches from window glass can be done but it might take some elbow grease. Scratches on your windows can be annoying but full window replacement or glass replacement may not be the appropriate solution. In this post we’ve compiled a few recommended techniques that you can use to remove scratches from window glass. Most of the DIY techniques for cleaning glass are easy enough for the average homeowner.

Does Window Glass Scratch Easily?

Unfortunately, it’s fairly common to scratch even tempered glass. According to Lake State Cleaning↗, when a window is correctly manufactured using the tempered glass method, it won’t have any dust or fine glass particles stuck to it. If it was tempered incorrectly and it does, you can easily scratch your window by dislodging those tiny pieces on the first cleaning! Dust and debris can and will accumulate on your windows over time as well.

One of the most common ways that window glass is scratched is through improper cleaning and care. Cleaning window glass with napkins, paper towels, or dirty rags is a recipe for disaster! For a light cleaning use a microfiber towel that’s completely clean. You can also use what our technicians use when they install new windows:

How Do You Remove Scratches From Window Glass?

Now that we know window glass does get scratched fairly often and that it is possible to remove scratches, the big question is how do you do it? Give these DIY techniques a try.


Manasa Reddigari, a writer and DIYer on↗ recommends using a white, non-gel based toothpaste. You’ll want to thoroughly clean the area on the window beforehand to make sure that any debris is removed.

Next, dab a small amount onto the affected area and get to work. Soft and gentle is the name of the game here as you don’t want to further damage the window glass. Once you’ve rubbed it in for about thirty seconds to a minute, clear off the excess toothpaste and take a look. This might take a few sessions but it’s worth a try!

Nail Polish

The nail polish method might remind you of the fillers used in windshield glass repairs. After cleaning the window, take some clear nail polish and carefully apply a layer onto the scratch. The idea is to fill the scratch with nail polish↗

Let that sit for about an hour then come back to it with a clean cloth (preferably microfiber). Apply a small amount of nail polish remover and wipe down the area of the window where the scratch is to remove any excess nail polish.

Baking Soda

WCMA Window & Door↗ recommends the baking soda method to polish the glass and remove scratches. Make sure the glass is clean before you begin. You will want to mix warm water and baking soda until they become a paste. Remove any larger chunks of baking soda that don’t dissolve. 

Once you have your paste ready, take a microfiber cloth, and dab it into your mixture and carefully apply it to the scratch. Gently rub into the scratch for about 30 seconds and then clean the area.

Do Window Warranties Cover Scratches?

Window warranties vary between companies. Few have a lifetime warranty, but many will offer warranties that last five, ten, and even twenty years. A lifetime warranty won’t necessarily cover damage to the glass. Before you buy, read the warranty documents to understand what is covered and for how long. Some companies use premium quality glass and offer scratch and breakage warranties as a show of confidence in the product. Not all glass is the same and not all warranties are the same so don’t just count on the warranty, make sure to use the right tools when cleaning your windows to prevent damage.

Window glass scratches are common and not something to be too worried about. Give a few DIY options a try before you call in the pros. Worst case scenario your window is still scratched, best case scenario is that it’s fixed and you save some money! 

August 10, 2020
August 08, 2022


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