Common Roof Problems You Need to Deal With

Common Roof Problems You Need to Deal With

The roof is one of the most neglected areas of your home. Homeowners often wait for the last minute - when it’s already cracked and leaking - to fix roofing problems. One of the reasons for this unconscious negligence is the challenge of identifying the signs that your roof needs repair when you have no idea what these problems are.

It’s easy to spot roof problems, but only if you know what to look out for. Since its primary role is to provide protection and cover to a home, homeowners need to keep their house roofs in good condition. Some households even purchase roofing insurance↗ to make sure they’ll be able to address roof issues properly.

Aside from insuring your roof, though, knowing the most common signs of problems can also help prevent further damage.


Leaks are the most common sign that your house roof has problems. You’ll know there’s a leak – or there are leaks – when water drips down when it’s raining, or when you see that your walls and ceilings are damp, stained, or discolored.

Leaking usually develops when moisture seeps into your roof. Areas with leaks rot because of mold and mildew. The parts of your home that are prone to leaks include the gutters (around it), near the chimney, places where there are pipes and vents, flashing points, and under shingles (particularly the damaged ones).

Look for leaks by going up to your attic (if you have one) and check for mold, black marks, or stains around the room. Also, look for signs of leaking near chimneys, dormers, vents, and other problem areas.

Cracks, Ripples, and Blisters

Cracks are not that easy to identify because they’re often too small for you to see. Homeowners sometimes do not realize that their house is already filled with cracks until it is too late and leaking starts. Certain types of roofing are prone to cracks, particularly built-up roofs.

Another sign of a roof problem is ripples. If your shingles are rippled, this can lead to more roofing issues such as moisture, deterioration, leaking, and rotting.

Roof blisters are the result of insufficient ventilation. These problems attack your roof when not enough air gets in, and moisture penetrates the roof’s material. If blistering is left unattended, it can cause bigger problems like leaking. In some cases, blisters can even lead to structural damage.

Pooled or Standing Water

If water is left standing or pooled in even just one area of the roof, this will allow moisture to get in. When this happens, leaks will start to develop, causing more problems to your roof and home.

Flat roofing is susceptible to issues like this, so it’s important to taper some roof areas and allow the standing water to drip down and runoff. Metal flashing and gutters are also reasonable solutions.

Roof Shrinking

If your roof shrinks, you will not see it decreasing in size. When shrinkage takes place, what happens is a membrane that covers your roofing materials is shrinking. This membrane is what protects the materials from cold, unpredictable weather, and extreme temperatures. The moment it starts to shrink, your roof becomes susceptible to ridges, cracks, tears, and other similar problems.


Animals or wildlife, wind or storm debris, and foot traffic can cause holes to form on your roof. If these spots are left unattended, the wood is exposed to moisture and will rot in no time.

Damage from Trees

Overgrown trees can cause damage to your roof, mainly when winds are strong. When these trees rub or touch your roof, they can cause scratches and may even destroy flashing or tiles. 

If your trees are not regularly trimmed, they can fall on your roof and cause you many problems.

Wrong or Substandard Installation

If your roof was poorly installed, it would lead to some complications. As soon as it starts to develop issues, your roof won’t be of use to your home for long.

Find a good, insured contractor to help ensure the proper installation and maintenance of your roof.

About the Author

Rachel Porter is the content specialist for Custom Contractors Insurance, LLC↗, an Arizona roofing and contractors insurance company. When not writing, she enjoys reading and mountain biking with her friends.


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