Cottage Style Vinyl Windows

Cottage Style Vinyl Windows

Almost everyone can appreciate the charm of a cottage style home. But what if you’re not fortunate enough to live in the Northeast along the coast? Cottage style vinyl windows can help you achieve that quaint look without having to pack your bags and move.


Cottage style windows typically have grids and are double-hung. Most ideally paired with vinyl or shake siding, they look equally beautiful on a brick style home, as well. Cottage style windows differ from standard windows in that one sash is shorter than the other. This means that the top and bottom panel won't be the same sizes. Many cottage windows also feature a grid of small cottage panes to complement the architecture of a cottage house. The windows still slide open vertically, allowing the windows to be fully functional.

Benefits of Vinyl

When it comes to choosing windows, the two most popular options are wood and vinyl. Vinyl windows have a lot of advantages over wood:

First, when you choose wood windows you run the risk of the wood warping. This won't happen with vinyl. Vinyl windows also won't need to be painted, which means you don't need to worry about any paint chipping or flaking--a problem you are likely to encounter with wood.

Second, vinyl windows won't require much upkeep. If they get dirty you can easily clean them with soap and water, but they won't need to be restained like wood.

Finally, vinyl windows are often much cheaper than their wood counterparts. They often provide the same benefits in terms of energy efficiency, for a fraction of the up-front cost.

A Great Choice

Cottage style vinyl windows are an excellent addition to any home needing a makeover. For a classic, cozy look that will require little maintenance and excellent insulation, cottage style windows may be just what you need to dress up your home.

If you are looking to install cottage style vinyl windows or any other type of replacement windows in your home, look no further than the exterior remodeling specialists at Brennan Enterprises. In business since 1979, we maintain an A+ BBB rating and have been named a 5 Star Rated Contractor by Home Services Review.


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