Dallas Doors - Your Guide to Entry Doors

Dallas Doors - Your Guide to Entry Doors

-Entry-DoorDid you know that the #1 home improvement for retention of value is simply replacing your front entry door? Something so small in comparison to the entire house really does add so much value and worth to your property. After all, your entry door is the first thing that visitors and passers notice about your home. First impressions are important!

Doors that are not sealed properly can allow chilly winter air to enter your home from the outside. If you notice a draft, it might be time to consider replacing your old door. Maybe you are in the market for a new door because you are thinking about a remodeling project. Or you might just be interested in updating the look of your home to something fresher and more modern.

Here is a look at several of the most popular entry door styles so you can have an idea of what you want before you talk to your contractor.

Entry Doors


Wood entry doors are the traditional, timeless choice for many homeowners. They look good on just about any home, either stained or painted.

However, wood doors require some maintenance. The amount really depends on the direct exposure to harsh sunlight, rain, wind, and dirt. If your wood door faces due east or west, then you'll have to do more upkeep more often than a door that faces north or south.





Steel entry doors are the strongest and most affordable door material on the market. They can still be susceptible to denting, which can be expensive to repair.

Just because its a more affordable option doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on style. As you can see in the picture on the left, steel entry doors come in almost any design you can think of.







Fiberglass entry offers combine the best of wood and steel. They look similar to wood, but require practically no maintenance.

That's not an exaggeration - if not directly exposed to harsh elements for a lengthy period of time, the owner of a fiberglass entry door could go years without needing to do a touch-up or repair.





Storm Doors

While not used alone as an entry door by itself, storm doors are great for protecting your home from the sometimes unpredictable and harsh Dallas weather. Storm doors offer many benefits for your home including:

  • protecting your entry door from dirt, rain, wind, and debris, allowing the entry door to last longer

  • providing added insulation for your home via the “dead space” created between the storm door and your existing entry door

  • allowing for natural lighting to enter your home while still protecting your home from the insects, wind, and rain

brennan-teamWhy Brennan Windows for Dallas Doors?

For a free at-home door replacement estimate, give us a call at 1-888-367-0256 or fill out the form and a sales representative will get back to you in 24-48 business hours. For Dallas doors, Brennan Windows has been DFW's leading contractor since 1979.

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