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Do Double Pane Windows Make a Difference

Changing out the windows in your home should involve plenty of consideration since it is an investment. However, there are a surprising number of characteristics a window can have. Some are worth the extra cost, and some are unnecessary, depending on your location and needs.

One of the early, basic features you will need to decide on is the number of panes you want to be included in each of your windows. For many years, single pane windows were the only option. Now, the market includes double and even triple paned windows. Are these worth it, and do they only apply to certain areas? We answer these questions and more in this article.

What Are Double Pane Windows?


Alternatively known as double glazed windows, double pane windows can make quite a difference depending on what you compare them with. Typically, homeowners compare double pane windows to single pane windows. So, how much of a difference do double pane windows make?

First, it is important to understand what single pane and double pane windows are. Single pane windows mean that they only have one layer of glass fitted within the window frame. Double pane windows have two layers of glass fitted in the window. 

The primary difference between the two is insulation. Double glazed windows have a layer of insulation in the form of air or gas between the panes of glass. That means that the outside temperature has a lesser effect on your home's temperature since the insulation buffers it. 

Single pane windows were good enough when glass windows were first made since glass is a poor conductor of heat. However, to maximize the energy efficiency of your house, you want insulation to stop what temperature the glass does conduct. That is where double pane glass comes in as a beneficial solution to maximizing your home's energy efficiency.

If you compare double pane windows to triple pane windows, there are differences in insulation. You see, double glazed windows have two panes of glass and one layer of insulation while triple pane windows have three panes of glass and two layers of insulation.

Even though triple pane windows will make your home slightly more energy-efficient and soundproofed, most agree that the difference does not justify the additional cost over double pane windows, especially in temperate climates.

Do Double Pane Windows Make a Difference?


So, to answer your question, "do double pane windows make a difference?", the answer is yes. Double glazed windows have made such a difference in energy savings and energy codes that they have become the new standard.

Many old homes without updated windows will still have single pane windows. Otherwise, almost all new and updated homes have switched to double pane glass to balance cost and energy efficiency. If you are getting ready to replace your windows soon, it is helpful to keep this standard in mind. 

In the Dallas area, upgrading to energy-efficient windows can save you around $1,000 annually in energy bills.

Make sure you understand what NFRC ratings are and consider energy requirements in your area before deciding on your glass package. 

What Makes House Windows More Efficient?

Insulated Glass Options: Double, Triple, Quad

There are quite a few window characteristics that play into their energy efficiency. The one that makes double pane windows better than single pane is the insulation. Glass alone offers no insulation value but double pane glass allows for some improvement. It's not the amount of layers that make the biggest difference it's the pockets of space between the glass. 

The air pocket between panes of glass will slow down thermal transfer through the window. The hot and cold energy that wants to enter or escape your home will have a harder time doing this with multi-pane windows.

Moreover, double-pane windows are typically filled with argon gas instead of air. Argon gas is a transparent and non-toxic gas that acts as a buffer to reduce the transmission of thermal energy through the window glass. 

Low-E Glass Coatings

The new standard of house windows are often offered with low-E coatings. Low-E coatings are microscopically thin, transparent particles that reduce the amount of heat and light that enters through the glass. The glass coating also helps prevent sun damage to furniture and flooring. 


There are a lot of additions you can put on your windows to make them more efficient overall. However, starting with a sound basis by installing double pane windows gives you the best starting energy efficiency at the best price. If you have questions about the energy efficiency of specific brands or other window characteristics, talk to the window experts at Brennan Corp today.

February 28, 2022
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