Do I Need Storm Windows with New Windows?

Do I Need Storm Windows with New Windows?

Does your home currently have storm windows?

Have you previously lived in a home with storm windows?

If you are considering an upgrade to your existing windows you may be wondering if you'll need to add storm windows to your order and if so, should you order them now or later.

Well, if you are upgrading the windows in your home to, new standard, double-pane insulated glass units you'll be happy to know that you won't be needing those storm windows. Read on to learn why.

What Is the Purpose of Storm Windows?

Now that you know about storm windows, it is important to understand what they do. Some storm window benefits include: 

1. Protection to your new windows

A storm window just as the name suggests offers your actual window additional protection from strong winds, storms and cold. Adverse weather conditions could damage your windows and even worse your house. The protection from storm windows saves you from expensive repair costs that could come with a destructive weather condition. 

2. Sound protection

Storm windows offer a sound proof effect to your house. The extra layer of storm windows blocks out noise from outside your house, and even supplements the sound transmission within the house. If you live in a very noisy area then storm windows can be an option for you.

3. Heat insulation

Storm windows come with an addition layer regardless of material they compose. The layer of your your storm windows plus that of your actual windows creates a space between the two filled with air. What this does is that it also has an heat insulation effect on your rooms. 

A better heat control on your house ensure you have control over the energy consumption of your house and could save you money on energy bills due to its energy efficiency.

Two Types of Storm Windows

Now you know the benefits of storm windows↗, another important thing to note are the types of storm windows that exist. Storm windows types include; 

1. Interior storm windows

These storm windows are installed on the inside of your house and rest just on the sill of your actual window. First, these windows are fixed, hence unmovable. Interior storm windows offer insulation to your house and save you energy costs just as double and triple pane windows.

2. Exterior storm windows

These are the most common storm windows and usually the most preferred. Exterior storm windows offer more beauty to the house besides protecting your house from damages, and protecting your house from sound interference.

If your windows are old and you're thinking of replacing them, then the question pops up, what differentiates replacement windows from storm windows?

What’s the Difference Between Storm Windows and Replacement Windows?

Here are some things that reveal the clear difference between storm windows and replacement windows:

1. Cost

Storm windows are cheaper than replacement windows. For replacement windows, you need to purchase new ones and even need experts to install them for you. Storm windows are cheaper because you can learn about them and install them yourself outside your older windows.

2. Energy Efficiency

Good quality replacement windows can offer your house the insulation it needs, maintaining a good balance of heat in your house to prevent high energy costs. Storm windows on the other side offers you some energy efficiency, however that fully depends on the material of your windows.

Do I Need Storm Windows with New Windows?

No, you do not need storm windows with new windows. Your new windows could still offer you the energy efficiency you need to save on energy costs. If you are concerned about the strength in the window glass or noise you could ask your sales representative about the value of dissimilar glass or tempered glass.

Good luck on your window buying journey!


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