Door Replacement Done Right in Dallas TX
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Door Replacement Done Right in Dallas TX

You could buy replacement doors almost anywhere, so what makes Brennan Enterprises so special? It's our commitment to customers and to providing the most energy efficient, attractive and low-maintenance doors on the market today. 
 We offer the door replacement service Dallas has relied on for over 30 years. With a wide range of choices and an experienced, professional group of consultants and installers, your project will get the individual treatment it deserves.

Does Brand Really Matter?

Some folks are brand shoppers. And that's okay! But, when you shop for quality replacement doors, certain brands are a cut above; you can't go wrong, no matter which brand you choose.

Brennan Enterprises offers Dallas homeowners a wide selection of replacement doors in numerous styles from several high-quality manufacturers.

Among others, you can choose from:

Some manufacturers specialize, such as with patio doors. And some offer replacements for practically every project you could take on.

Which Door Replacement Materials are Right for Your Dallas Home?

Door materials matter, but perhaps not for the reasons that you think. Wood remains near or at the top of the dream home list. But while it's beautiful, wood isn't always the right choice. Several materials are commonly used in replacement door manufacturing, and each has its place.

Here are a few to think about:

  • Fiberglass
  • Steel
  • Vinyl-clad
  • And, of course, wood

Steel is low on cost and high on protection from the elements and security. It can also be as beautiful as any other door. Vinyl clad doors can have a wood core, which combines low maintenance with good insulation and strength. Fiberglass is weather resistant, maintenance free and can realistically mimic the look of finished wood. Andersen says fiberglass combines materials that make it strong, yet lightweight.

Is There a "Correct" Style for Your Home?

The range of door styles available is almost mind-boggling, and Brennan Enterprises has the vast experience to install them the right way. From traditional raised panel replacement doors to ultra-modern and sleek styles with almost no ornamentation, we have what your home needs.

A Colonial-style door wouldn't look appropriate on modern architecture. On the other hand, a heavy, custom-made wood door could be ideal for a Spanish-style home. Aesthetics matter. And at Brennan, we work closely with you until it's just right.

Should it Open Left or Right?

Have you ever wondered why some doors open to the left and others to the right? It's called the "handing" of the door, as in right-hand or left-hand. Sometimes there's a method to the madness. And sometimes it's just personal preference. If there's an obstacle in one direction, opening the door in the opposite direction will avoid it.

Most homeowners replace a right-hand door with another right-hand door or a left with a left. But, if your current situation is awkward, there's no reason not to swap it around.

What About a Swing-Out Door?

The vast majority of exterior doors swing in. But, some believe that an out-swing door offers more security. At one time, that wasn't the case. Hinges could be removed, which made the home vulnerable. But secure hinges eliminate that risk. Best Pick Reports says they're more secure against high winds, too.

On the plus side of a swing-out door, it can't be kicked in, at least not as easily as a swing-in style. But if you only have a small door stoop instead of a porch, a swing-in style would be more practical.

Can Secure Doors Be Attractive?

You don't have to choose between an attractive door and a secure one. Solid wood is famous for its strength. But so is steel, and you can even get it in a wood grain.

Fiberglass ranks high in strength, too. And that applies both to the severe Dallas weather and to ne'er-do-wells with bad intentions. And its woodgrain options are so realistic, no one will know that it's not solid wood.

The door replacement Dallas homeowners want is right here. It doesn't matter if you need a traditional entry door, sliding patio doors, French doors leading to a deck, or something sleek and modern. With several brands, price points, materials & designs, the Brennan difference will add quantifiable value to your home.

March 19, 2018
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