Double Pane vs Quadruple Pane Window Glass

Double Pane vs Quadruple Pane Window Glass

Homeowners and builders, nowadays, are leveraging advancements in window technology to add comfort and convenience to modern homes. In the long run, these high-performance window glazing units help maintain comfortable and consistent interior temperatures while providing considerable annual savings on heating and cooling costs.

Simply put, single-glazed, double-glazed, triple-glazed, or quadrupled-glazed are majorly demarcated by the number of parallel panes of glass they include. The more glass panes in the unit, the better it should insulate. There is, however, more to these window systems than meets the eye and the best way to understand is by comparing them side by side. 

In this post, we'll pit double-glazing windows against quadruple-glazing windows. 
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What are Double Pane Windows?

Double-pane windows are the most basic multi-pane window systems. As the name suggests, the unit includes two panes of glass. The pocket of space between the panes is filled with a layer of air or an inert gas (Argon). The gas is chosen to offer low conductivity properties which further improve insulation. Moreover, the energy efficiency and noise control of double-glazed windows is aided by using low-emissivity (Low-E) and laminated glass types↗. An ideal double-pane glass window will disrupt sound waves to improve acoustic performance and prevent heat from escaping.

Pros of Double Pane Glass

  • When it comes to insulation and preventing heat loss, double glazed windows are surefire upgrades over the last century's single pane windows.
  • The price point for double-pane windows is usually the most affordable compared to other multi-pane windows. 
  • In southern states with warm and mild climates, double-pane windows provide the perfect balance of energy performance and energy cost savings.

Cons of Double Pane Glass

  • If the seal around the glass breaks or is damaged the space between the glass can become susceptible to air or tiny particles of dust, as well as lessen the insulation and sound-absorption properties.
  • For geographical locations experiencing extreme temperatures, double pane windows may not be enough. 

What are Quadruple Pane Windows

Quadruple Pane Windows or Quad Glazed Windows possess four high-performance layers of glass, with three Argon-filled air-spaces in between. With an added pane of glass, they are an upgrade over the triple-pane window system. Quad pane windows provide additional insulation, reducing heat transfer. Let’s take a look at both the pros and cons of quadruple-pane glass window systems.

Pros of Quad Pane Glass

  • Prevents condensation on the windows during winter temperatures, keeping the outdoor view crystal clear.
  • Quadruple pane windows are typically the most efficient, even more efficient than house walls and insulated garage doors. 
  • Multi-pane windows like these are known for their sound deadening properties. This makes the house quieter by keeping unwanted noise out, creating the perfect distraction-free atmosphere for you to concentrate at home.

Cons of Quad Pane Glass

  • Due to the requirement of four glass panes, they are naturally heavier and require tougher, more durable window frames. 
  • The added weight to the glass and framing of quad-pane windows makes installation more difficult, sometimes requiring bigger installation crews.
  • Quadruple-glazed windows are expensive, and might turn out to be an over-investment for houses located in warmer climates.

Should I Choose Double or Quadruple Pane Window Glass?

Double-glazed windows are currently the standard for both new construction windows and replacement windows. But with the push to reduce energy spend by using more energy-efficient building products, quadruple pane window systems may become more common in the years to come. 

It is understandable that the quad-glazed windows will perform better in terms of insulation and energy efficiency, but the efficiency of the investment is also largely affected by the climate of the concerned area. Clearly, Quad glass windows are more expensive than double pane windows, but in places like North Texas, where mercury never shoots past a certain upper limit, double pane windows provide better ROI. 

The list of benefits of installing Quadruple pane windows is fairly lengthy, whereas Double pane window glass is an industry veteran. Only time will tell if double-glazed windows phase out as a consequence of its upgraded counterparts.


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