Front Door Ideas from Instagram

Front Door Ideas from Instagram

Don't settle when it comes to your front door. A front door can make a great statement and upgrade the look of your home. There are an abundance of options and ideas out there. I've browsed Instagram and chosen some IG favorites, as well as a few favorites of my own. 

Dutch Doors

I absolutely LOVE the way these doors look with a siding home. The porch below is clean and bright, that while the door creates a farm house look, it still has a modern vibe. 

by Mindy Gayer Design

Dutch doors add whimsy to the porch when painted a bright color.  

by Lynn Morgan Design

Custom Wood Front Doors

I'm a sucker for wood doors. There's something beautiful about the warmth and texture wood doors bring to the front of a home. Here are two of my favorites. 

from @ruemagazine 

by Brooke Wagner Design

Steel Doors

Steel frame doors are stunning and modernize the look of your home. 

by Brooke Wagner Design 

Double Doors 

If you've got the room, two doors really make a substantial impact to the curb appeal of your home. Add a neat pair of door knockers, and you've got a really nice look. 

photo by Kerry Kirk 

The right front door can certainly be a show stopper. It will enhance the look of your home and reveal your personal style, but be sure to consider the design, color, and texture of your home when choosing a look. Happy door hunting! 


By: Linden Design Co. 

For Brennan Enterprises 


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