GAF Timberline HD vs Tamko Heritage Woodgate - Roofing Review

GAF Timberline HD vs Tamko Heritage Woodgate - Roofing Review

Ready for a new roof? Whether you’re looking to replace due to age or after a bout of hail, there are many choices to help protect and beautify your home. GAF Timberline® and Tamko Heritage Woodgate® are two of the best-selling roofing material lines in the market. We’re taking a closer look at these two asphalt shingle product lines to help you better understand what they have to offer for your home.

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Asphalt shingles are one of the most common materials for residential roofs because of their durability. They do well in a variety of climates, holding up in heavy rain, snow, and warmth. Asphalt shingles are also one of the more affordable options for roof replacement and typically offer about 10-30 years of performance.

Materials & Construction - GAF Timberline HD® vs Tamko Heritage Woodgate®

Both shingles in this line are made of granule covered asphalt.

GAF Timberline® HD shingles are fiberglass asphalt. At the core is a fiberglass mat, coated in asphalt which provides waterproofing. Their Advanced Protection® shingles include added limestone to maximize durability and wind resistance. Ideal for climates with high winds and frequent thunderstorms. These line of shingles offers deep shadows, producing dramatic patterns for your roof.

Large samples of GAF Timberline shingles in Barkwood.

Tamko Heritage Woodgate® shingles are laminated asphalt, made with a unique granule mix and vivid colors. Laminated shingles are built with a heavier base mat and multiple material layers. The shingles are cut in different shapes and sizes and which create a more dimensional appearance. The random-cut sawtooth design of these shingles creates a wood-shake illusion. These shingles are a wider option in the Heritage line. You can enjoy the dynamic pattern or wood shakes while enjoying the longevity and fire resistance of asphalt.

Patch of Tamko Heritage Woodgate asphalt shingles in rustic red.

Tamko Heritage Woodgate® in Rustic Redwood

Side by side comparison of  Tamko Heritage and Heritage Woodgate shingles displaying width difference.

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Fire Rating - GAF Timberline® HD vs Tamko Heritage Woodgate®

Your roof can play a major role in protecting against natural hazards, and that’s not just rain and wind. These days, roofing material is designed to help prevent fires from spreading throughout the structure. So how do you determine the most fire-resistant roof shingles, shakes, and tiles? Fire-resistance ratings indicate materials that are able to withstand moderate exposure to fire originating from outside the building.

In the world of building materials, UL, a global safety certification company, provides guidelines to determine fire-resistance ratings.  Fire-resistance is determined with a rating of A, B, or C with A indicating the most resistance.

The UL 790 (Class A), fire rating states:

Class A roof coverings are effective against severe fire test exposures. Under such exposures, roof coverings of this class afford a high degree of fire protection to the roof deck, do not slip from position, and are not expected to produce flying brands.

Both GAF Timberline® HD and Tamko Heritage Woodgate® meet UL 790 Class A fire resistance standards.

An asphalt shingled roof covered in orange flames.

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Wind Resistance - GAF Timberline® HD vs Tamko Heritage Woodgate®

As homeowners in North Texas, we’re deep in the heart of Tornado Alley. Strong thunderstorms are a reality for us, especially in Spring and Summer. As one of the most vulnerable areas of your home, it’s important to ensure that our roof can hold up to weather hazards in our climate.

ASTM International is an international standards organization that develops and publishes technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services - including roofing materials.

The ASTM D7158 is the standard test method for wind resistance of asphalt shingles against uplift forces and designated by class G (up to 90 mph), D (up to 120 mph), or H (up to 150 mph).

Both the GAF Timberline® HD and Tamko Woodgate® meet ASTM D7158 Class H wind resistance standards.

The ASTM D3161 tests interlocking shingles’ ability to resist wind. Shingles are classified as Class A when resisting wind velocity of 60 mph, Class D when resisting velocity of 90 mph and Class F when resisting wind velocity of 110 mph.

Both the GAF Timberline® HD and Tamko Woodgate® meet ASTM D3161 Class F wind resistance standards.

Matrix reflecting wind speeds and corresponding UL and ASTM wind resistance classifications.

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Colors- GAF Timberline® HD vs Tamko Heritage Woodgate®

GAF Timberline® HD fiberglass asphalt shingles are available in the below 9 colors to fit a variety of home color schemes:

Samples of GAF asphalt shingles.

Tamko Heritage Woodgate® laminated asphalt shingles are offered in 5 neutral colors:

Six shingle color samples from the Tamko Hertiage Woodgate laminated asphalt line.

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Price- GAF Timberline® HD vs Tamko Heritage Woodgate®

Roofing prices consider a number of factors including materials and labor. Generally, asphalt shingles are a more economical option for residential roofs, whereas metal, slate, and tile, are more premium options:

GAF Timberline HD® - $$

Tamko Heritage Woodgate® - $$

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Warranty- GAF Timberline® HD vs Tamko Heritage Woodgate®

Shingles begin to age as soon as they are exposed to nature. Buildings experience aging factors differently, so it is difficult to predict how long shingles will last. But if your home is in need of a new roof, you want to make sure that your warranty will cover you for as long as you think you’ll be in your home.

GAF Timberline HD® asphalt shingles are available with a lifetime limited warranty and Stainguard® Protection against algae.

Tamko Heritage Woodgate® shingles are protected with a lifetime limited warranty, 10-year Full Start period, and 10-year algae cleaning limited warranty.

A red brick and stone french eclectic home with a new tamko heritage woodgate asphalt shingle roof.

Tamko Heritage Woodgate®  in Weathered Wood

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