Glass Goes Mainstream: Where to Put a Glass Wall in Your Home

Glass Goes Mainstream: Where to Put a Glass Wall in Your Home

Did you find yourself envying the glass walls of Tony Stark's Malibu mansion in the Iron Man movies? Typically, floor-to-ceiling glass walls have been the exclusive domain of businesses and billionaire superheroes, but a new line of glass walls is beginning to change that.

Moving Glass Wall

Moving Glass Wall Systems from Milgard Windows is a new product that enables homes of all sizes to replace a regular wall or window with a wall of solid glass. In addition, the 3- or 4- panel wall systems easily slide back and forth, allowing you to open them and enjoy the outdoors.

Since glass walls are a completely new remodeling possibility for the majority of us, we want to share some ideas about the best places in the home to install them. Have any other ideas? Please share them with us in the comments!

Bring the Patio Indoors

Milgard Moving Glass Wall

One of the best places to install a Moving Glass Wall System would be in-between the patio and a living area. Having glass walls is especially great for social gatherings, where people are moving back and forth from the indoor and outdoor areas. Think about it; Dad can even cook steaks on the patio while he watches the football game through the glass wall!

Take in the Landscape

Are there any spots in your home that have a good view of the outdoors? Moving glass wall systems can turn a good view into a great view. With no solid wall in the way, you can get the kind of views that come from being outside, without the uncomfortable temperatures.

Make a Small Room Larger

Moving Glass Wall Systems aren't just on the outside of the house. In fact, connecting two interior rooms can make the entire house seem bigger. In addition, the acoustical barrier the glass walls allow separate activities to go on in each room without interruptions. Imagine being able to watch your favorite TV show in peace while keeping tabs on the kids playing in the next room.



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