Home Design Inspiration

Home Design Inspiration

Deciding which direction to take a room, in terms of design, can leave you overwhelmed or making design sacrifices in an effort to simply get the job done. My solution, find a room that inspires you and use it as your guide. Here are three rooms that do just that. 


Clare Vivier's Closet

The space: This closet is shouting, "Live your life to the fullest!" Can you hear it? What a great place in which to get dressed and start the day. Not only does this room provide great organization, but it's bright and showcases her pieces, rather than hiding the entirety of her wardrobe behind closed doors. Notice how Vivier uses pillows in blue to add a calm touch next to the bold color of the wall paper.  

My takeaway: Try bold colors, mix patterns, and showcase your favorites in any room--whether those be books on a shelf, plates in a dining room, or pillows on a couch. 

Photos via Domino Magazine

Jillian Harris' Laundry Room

The space: Jillian Harris has beautiful taste and an equally beautiful home. This laundry room uses a powder blue color on all cabinetry and compliments it well with gray accents on the backsplash, window and floor. And look at that cute little storage area with the rolling basket...I'm not even sure what is in there or what it's used for, but I love it!

My takeaway: Color scheme. Consider the palette you'll use in your space. Jillian keeps things very consistent here, which adds order and flow. Decide how you'd like the room to feel and choose colors accordingly. 

Photos via Jillian Harris' home tour

Lourdes Hernandez's Dining Room

The space: Mmmm...everything about this space-the warm tones, along with the bright, white walls; metallic touches; and class, loads and loads of class. The white walls serve this space well with their height and lack of clutter. It allows the pieces in the room, those snazzy dining chairs, to immediately catch your eye. 

My takeaway: Find a piece to POP! Whether that be dining chairs in a fun pattern, a rug, curtains, or a storage solution, let the piece be a "friendly focal point". A friendly focal point, like these chairs, is effectively dramatic and eye-catching, yet doesn't take away from the other items in the space. 

Photos via Domino Magazine

Obviously, Pinterest and Instagram are great places to find photos and ideas. However...a tip... think of someone whose taste you admire, such as a musician, actor, public figure, and use their name with "home tour" added in a google search. You can sometimes find a feature on this person's home/design taste, and voila! Instant inspiration to lead you in the right direction. 


Main image for blog header of Mandy Moore's home, used from Architectural Digest.


September 24, 2018
July 13, 2021

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