Home Warranty vs Window Warranty
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Home Warranty vs Window Warranty

If you've ever experienced a cold draft in the winter or high cooling bills in the summer, a faulty window is often to blame. Since window repairs are a big expense, it’s good to look for ways to cover the cost of repairs and replacements. While some window problems can be covered by homeowners insurance, home warranties usually don't cover them. Window warranties, home warranties, and homeowners insurance: what are the differences and how can you choose coverage that's right for your needs?

Home Warranty vs Window Warranty

A home warranty covers the replacement, repair, or servicing of major home appliances and systems like the HVAC and internal plumbing. This contract can have elements added or taken away to create an agreeable monthly cost. Home warranties typically cover internal elements and systems and do not apply to structural components like doors, windows, and siding. 

A window warranty is a full or limited coverage plan that comes with the window itself. Though homeowners insurance can provide some financial assistance to replace your windows in the case of storms, fire, or burglaries, a window warranty will specifically cover the repair of all or parts of the window. Depending on the warranty, the costs of labor can also be covered. 

Home Warranty Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of home warranties are important to consider to make a firm choice that's best for you. Here are a few factors to consider:

Home Warranty Pros:

  • Easy to customize what's covered into a plan tailored for your needs.
  • Affordable coverage for different types of budgets.
  • Most plans have relatively low deductibles for contractor visits.
  • Can upgrade coverage to offer more financial benefit.

Home Warranty Cons:

  • Doesn't include structural components like roofing, walls, windows, and doors.
  • Can get expensive when adding on many systems and appliances.
  • Can be difficult to make a claim and prove the break wasn't wear and tear.

Window Warranty Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of a window warranty can help you decide if it's a better option than a home warranty. As with all warranties, not one size fits all. Window warranties offer specific protection targeted towards your windows. Here are the drawbacks and benefits of this type of protection.

Window Warranty Pros

  • Full warranties can cover the total cost of repair and labor for your broken windows.
  • Lifetime warranties can last as long as the window is installed in your home.
  • They are specific to windows, so you know the coverage pertains to this part of the home.
  • Customers can often choose different types of warranties to meet their needs.

Window Warranty Cons

  • Buyers must read the fine print to know what is covered under each warranty.
  • Warranties can be limited, which means only certain parts of the window are covered. 
  • Labor may or may not be covered under a limited warranty plan.
  • Sometimes a warranty claim may not be approved even within the warranty's time limit because of a restriction.

It's important to note that every warranty offers coverage under certain conditions. Even full warranties need to be read thoroughly before buyers commit to a brand.

Are Windows Covered Under Home Warranties?

No, home warranty plans don't cover windows. Since windows are classified as structural components of a house, they don't fall under the category of internal elements like appliances and systems. Conversely, you can try and get coverage for your windows through homeowners insurance. However, you must check the plan's terms to find out if the insurance covers the materials and labor or just the window itself. Also, homeowners insurance only covers window repairs in the case of fire, burglaries, vandalism, or storm damage.

Common Window Problems to Look Out For

Common window problems to look out for include drafts that come from broken window seals, worn down insulation, or windows that weren't properly installed. Cracking or rotting window frames also contribute to the energy loss from drafty windows. Window glass can also get dirty and in extreme cases crack due to extreme temperature differences. 

To stay on top of your windows, examine them every year to check for wood rot and drafts. Reapply any sealant or repair the frames with easy and affordable solutions like wood filler and a coat of paint to prevent bigger problems.

Home Warranty or Window Warranty: Which One Is for You?

When you need to protect your windows, a window warranty or homeowners insurance are the best solutions. However, if you want to protect your home's systems and appliances from unforeseen breakdowns, then a home warranty can also help protect your finances. Learn more about these differences here.

September 30, 2021
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