How Large Can House Windows Be?

How Large Can House Windows Be?

There comes a time in construction where everyone on site stops with bated breath to watch the offloading of large windows. If you've ever viewed an architectural design show, you'll know this moment. You probably held your breath yourself. The mammoth glass is maneuvered to fit the home as a piece to the puzzle. It's the piece that will celebrate the picturesque view of the surrounding landscape. 

How Large Can House Windows Be?

Take a look at the top window manufacturers and the maximum window sizes that they have to offer in the list below.


The best place to find min and max sizes for windows is on spec sheets. If you can't find the spec sheets for the windows you're interested in call the customer service line of the window vendor and they should be able to quickly provide you with an answer.

Picture Window Max Sizes

Andersen 100 Series: 89-1/4" x 71-1/4"

Brennan Traditions: 113" x 113"

MI 1620 Picture Windows: 95-1/2? x 47-1/2"

Sierra Pacific H3 Picture Windows: 120" x 120"

Hung Window Max Sizes

Andersen 100 Single Hung: 44" x 27-1/16"

Brennan Traditions Single Hung: 54" x 108"

MI 1620 Single Hung Windows: 51-1/2" x 71-1/2"

Sierra Pacific H3 Double Hung: 47-1/2" x 83-1/2"

Casement Window Max Sizes

Andersen 100 Series: 23-3/8" x 65-13/16"

Brennan Traditions: 36" x 78"

MI 1675 Casement Windows: 36" x 74"

Sierra Pacific H3 Casement Windows: 35-1/2" x 83-1/2""

Sliding Window Max Sizes

Andersen 100 Series: 32-1/16" x 68"

Brennan Traditions: 78" X 74"

MI 1630 Slider Windows: 72" x 72"

Pros and Cons of Larger Windows

Large windows are the crowning glory of a home. They allow the outdoors to merge with the interior and create a harmonious architectural feature. Large windows are perfect for contemporary designs. 


  • Natural lighting floods a home through large windows
  • Maximum oxygen flow
  • Large windows provide a focal point in a room
  • Unobstructed view of the landscape, 360-degree views
  • Rooms appear bigger with larger windows
  • Curb appeal


  • Cost: The more extensive and more robust the glass needs to be, the more expensive
  • Specialist cleaning tools to reach high window panes
  • Increased heat transfer can mean hefty heating or cooling bills for your home
  • Less privacy.

Large windows are mammoth fixtures that draw viewers to the landscape. Not only do they celebrate the exterior, but they celebrate the interior by highlighting everything with natural lighting. Speak to a window specialist near you to decide the best size window for your home. 


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