How Long Does It Take to Install a Window?
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How Long Does It Take to Install a Window?

Getting windows installed can seem a bit stressful. During the time the window is removed, it may feel like your house is vulnerable to weather and the elements. And if you are looking for new windows, you might want to know overall how long it takes to get a window replaced. Here are some facts on how long it takes to install a window.

How long does it take to install a window?

It takes about one hour from start to finish to remove and replace one window unless repairs need to be done to the wood or the materials around the window itself. 

Professional window installers are experienced in dealing with all kinds of windows, including removing old ones and installing new ones. Generally, they work in pairs since window frames and parts can be quite heavy. 

Some window replacements go faster than others, and a team of two installers can often install between 8 and 10 windows a day. This just depends on the size of the window, where they are being installed, and how long preparation takes. Working in pairs may not seem efficient but it is because it minimizes the risk of mistakes and guarantees the same quality of installation on all the windows in a project. Larger window crews may make sense on new construction jobs or in very large homes but for the average home a small team is best. 

From order to installation, how long do window replacement projects take?

This depends on several factors:

  1. Window design, consultation, getting pricing
  2. Writing, reviewing, and signing the contract
  3. Paying a deposit 
  4. Manufacturing time (6-22+ weeks)
  5. Scheduling installation (1-3+ weeks)
  6. Installation (8 windows per day)

The most important factor here is window design. Standard size windows and styles are available much sooner than larger custom windows, even in made-to-order situations. If you are ordering custom windows, you will want to talk with a consultant about the type and shape of windows you want. Some window companies offer only one type of window material or glass package while others carry a wide selection of options. Your sales consultant can tell you the pros and cons of the window or windows they offer.

You should feel comfortable taking your time while you decide on the right windows for your home. While manufacturers do have price increases, you shouldn't let your sales consultant bully you into a same day purchase. Be certain about the product you want to order and know that the sooner your place your order and pay your deposit the sooner your windows will arrive. 

Once your order is in it can take from as little as six weeks to as many as 20 weeks for your windows to be manufactured. Next the windows need to be delivered to your installer or to your home and then the installation can be scheduled.

Lead times in 2022 can range from 12 weeks for fairly simple designs to as many as 22 weeks, depending. Some custom windows can take as long as 50 weeks or more, nearly a year to be manufactured. If you are ordering windows with Brennan and live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you can see the most recent lead times on our product pages. For example, if you are interested in Andersen windows visit one of our Andersen window pages and see the lead time for that particular brand or product listed in the description. 

To figure out how long your process will take after you've signed a contract ask your sales consultant for lead time estimates as well as how long it takes to schedule the installation after the windows have arrived. 

What else to expect when replacing windows

What else should you expect when replacing windows? There are a few things to consider and some frequently asked questions.

Does a window installer need to be inside the home during the installation process?

The simple answer to this question is yes. The window installation team will need access to the interior of your home or property to install windows. Usually one person works from the outside and another works from the inside. 

Is the window installed from the inside or outside?

This depends on the window, where it is located, and the type of window it is. Homeowners often ask this when figuring out how to prepare for the day of installation. Most windows are installed from the outside but offset windows, where the interior opening is bigger than the outer one, may be installed from the inside.

Is window replacement typically messy?

It can be. Installation can be dusty or messy, especially when removing the old windows. Installers will prep the area, and usually put down drop cloths and other protection. They’ll have vacuums and other cleaning materials to make sure the area is clean once the installation is complete.

Does replacing windows damage walls?

Normal installation does not cause damage to walls or the surrounding area, but accidents can happen. Also, if the brick or drywall around the old window is cracked or otherwise compromised, it may be damaged in the removal of the old window, and repairs might be necessary.

Your window consultant should be able to let you know if there will be issues, and if accidents do occur, installers are generally trained in how to resolve them. There may be additional costs when issues arise. 


So how long does it take to install a window, and how long will window replacement actually take?

Well, as we shared window installation is pretty fast and generally takes only an hour or less. But ordering the windows and the manufacturing process can take a lot more time. Your professional window consultant should be able to give you a better timeframe once they understand what you want and need.

But the sooner you start the process, the sooner your new windows will be adding light and efficiency to your home. Talk to a professional and get the process started today.

Ariana Martinez
Ariana Martinez
February 28, 2022
May 16, 2022


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