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How To Customize Fiberglass Windows

There are a lot of options when it comes to fiberglass windows. Whether you’re looking to freshen up your old fiberglass window frames, want to experiment with a new color, or even try a new window shape, it can be done. Keep reading to see what you're options are when customizing fiberglass windows.

Why Choose Fiberglass Windows?

It might seem like the window materials market is already full. After all, we have wood windows, aluminum windows, PVC windows, composite windows, and more. However, while you might wonder if you should even consider fiberglass windows, there are several pros to this type of window, such as:

  • They're very durable - fiberglass is the same material that they make boats and surfboards from, so it can take a beating! 
  • Fiberglass is resistant to temperature fluctuations and can withstand very hot and very cold conditions
  • Fiberglass windows are good insulators, so they make your home more energy efficient
  • They're also very low maintenance, which is a great benefit for any home!

Know What You're Looking for Before You Start

When you're shopping for custom fiberglass windows (or any other building materials), the best advice is to know what you want before you start. You should have a list of the sizes you need and whether you want picture windows, casement windows, french doors, or something else. 

If you're looking for an out-of-the-ordinary window frame color, find swatches or even a color code for the shades you're interested in. You should also know if you need windows that are insulated or whether you're looking for hurricane resistant or any other special kind of windows. 

The more information you can provide to the salesperson while shopping, the better equipped they will be to give you the products you need. Many window companies will also direct you to other resources if you're looking for something they don't offer.

Custom Fiberglass Windows Shapes

These days, most building materials are modular and mass-produced. This allows companies to create high-quality products at a lower cost. It also means that in most cases, when you are shopping for something like fiberglass windows, there may be an extended wait time, as each window is made custom to order. 

Find out what color options your chosen styles of fiberglass windows come in, and choose something a little different. Or ask about different combinations of windows that you can use to create the style you want. 

Some companies might even have options for pane design or different types of glass you can use in their window frames to create different looks.

Can You Paint Fiberglass Window Frames?

If you're wondering whether you can paint over fiberglass window frames, the answer is yes. Whether you are wanting to refresh your current color or change it completely, this can be accomplished with a proper paint job.  

However, you will need to find the right paint product, and you might affect the warranty of the windows, so be sure to check before you proceed! 

What Is the Best Paint to Use on Fiberglass Windows?

It really depends on where you are and what kind of preparation you plan to do. The best way to find a paint product that will work on fiberglass windows (or anything else) is to speak to a paint manufacturer in your area. Even better, find a paint company that makes industrial coatings like those used in the boat-building industry. 

For the best results, you can use a sprayer to apply the paint so the paint is applied in even coats. Also, be sure to pick up a primer to use on your window frames as well!

Pro tip: It’s important to also consider the humidity when painting your window frames. If it is too humid then there may be water droplets that form on the paint job. It’s best to aim for days where humidity is under 60%.

If you’re located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and are considering replacement windows for your home, give us a call to schedule a consultation or fill out this contact form. We’d love the opportunity to tell you more about our preferred replacement fiberglass window products.

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