How to Pick the Perfect Front Door Color
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How to Pick the Perfect Front Door Color

What’s the first thing you see when you enter a home?  The front door, of course.

Your entry door is your best opportunity for a first impression for visitors to your home.  But too often, front doors are bland or boring.

It doesn’t have to be this way!  Choosing great colors can add a unique and personal touch to your home.  Many people view their front door color as a reflection of their personality and are beginning to stray away from the traditional colors and into more exciting options.  Colors can be a great expression of your personality through your home if paired correctly with your exterior and door design.

how to pick the perfect front door color

There are many choices when it comes to picking out colors for your home, so stick to these general rules when deciding on your front door color:


It’s a safe choice to use a bold color for your front door if you have neutral exterior colors and sidings. This is true because you don’t want your exterior colors competing with one another.  These colors need to work together in order to enhance the other instead of creating chaos.  If you are not sure if the colors are overpowering each other, adding a white trim around your front door is a simple way to make an entry way look clean and crisp. Surrounding your front door with a glass frame can actually work to calm down an intense shade. 


Pairing a neutral color front door with a bold exterior can also grab a visitor’s attention.  If your exterior has a variety of colors, pick one hue and use that for your front door to maintain consistency.  This will help keep a visitor’s focus toward the front door.  Neutral colors are always a safe bet for a front door because they can be paired with almost any style home.  To spice up a neutral color, pair it with a colorful frame to add a little extra excitement.


yellow front door

The color yellow is described to evoke feelings of happiness and is perceived as inviting. Many people view yellow as a “Happy Surprise” to come home to during the dull winter months.  A yellow door needs to be paired with neutral colors and simple exterior design in order for this color to pop.  To make your home appear even brighter, pair a yellow door with an intricate garden of flowers and greenery.


orange front door

The color orange represents energetic and stimulating emotions, making it difficult to pull off as a front door color.  Paired with dark exterior colors (such as gray or charcoal), this color can be a bold statement for your home.


red front door

Red is a very popular color among front door colors. Depending on the shades of red, it is seen to spark interest and excitement when paired with neutral exterior colors.  From deep to bright shades of red, it is typically a safe color to use with any style home. 


indigo front door

Indigo is a bold color choice for any home.  This color goes best with homes that have intricate exterior designs – particularly those that reflect an architecture style similar to Victorian, Colonial, and Farmhouse.  Due to the boldness of this color, it should be paired with homes that have a lot of detail to keep the front door as the main focus for visitors. 


neon front door

Using neon colors can be a very brave choice. Neon colors go well with a very modern or contemporary style homes.  These colors look best on simple doors without any additional design or details.


black front door

In general, black is a very fashionable color that consistently reflects a feeling of elegance and sophistication.  Black is considered to be an authoritative color, evoking strong emotions; because of this, you should pair this door with a colorful trim.  Black is always considered simple and timeless; therefore it can be paired with just about any color or style home.


white front door

White is just about always a safe bet when it comes to front door colors because it represents cleanliness and simplicity. White brings a calming sensation to many people and is used to reflect a feeling of ease and contentment.  Paired with a bold exterior color, white is still capable of sparking the same amount of emotions as a bolder color. 

March 26, 2018
July 13, 2021

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