Kolbe Windows

Kolbe Windows

Kolbe is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of luxury windows and doors. For years, residential and commercial spaces have embraced their careful design and quality craftsmanship to bring light, air, and outdoor landscape views into the interior. Kolbe offers high-quality windows under four different product lines.  We’ll take a look at the company and learn about their different collections and the available options including materials, window styles, and finishes. Although the company also offers doors, we’ll focus specifically on their window products.

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Company History

Kolbe Windows and Doors excel on the legacy of Herb and Ervin Kolbe, two brothers who began a humble business of repairing and building windows and door frames. Their little shop started in 1946 in Marathon, Wisconsin, and continued to grow thanks to their hard work and steadfastness. 

Today, over seven decades later, Kolbe is a nationally recognized leader in the window and door industry. Their broad range of quality products is available through hundreds of retailers across the United States, Canada, and further. While the business has outlived its founding members, the sense of family and commitment to their local employees still holds. Kolbe is now run by Judi Gorski, the daughter of Herb Kolbe, and Jeff De Lonay, who started as a factory worker over 30 years ago and worked his way up as he gained hands-on training with the business.

Product Lines & Styles

Kolbe offers four product lines including the VistaLuxe Collection, Forgent Series, Ultra Series, and Heritage series.  Each line of windows is designed to meet specific architectural needs and have a wide range of customizable options. 

VistaLuxe Collection

The Vistaluxe Collection features a contemporary look for homes with a modern aesthetic. Kolbe describes this series as utilizing clean lines and large expanses of glass. All of the windows in the VistaLuxe Collection are available for new construction applications. There are two sublines in this collection. VistaLuxe WD is the original collection and made with extruded aluminum exteriors and warm wood exteriors. The VistaLuxe AL Line is all aluminum. 

The WD line is available in two profile styles. The Flush profile provides a stream-line look and the sash in the same plane as the frame. The Accent profile adds visual interest by recessing the sash. This creates a shadow line effect while keeping the sash in the same plane as the frame. When painted in a darker color, the frames simulate the look of steel. The WD line promises better efficiency, lower cost, and shorter lead times. Both profiles are available with double and triple pane glass. 

The WD line is available in the following styles:

  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Sliding
  • Specialty

The AL line is all aluminum and thermally broken, meaning that high-performance insulator material separates where the metal parts join. It prevents heat from exiting the home by traveling from the interior to the exterior by following a connected bridge or path between the inside and outside of the window frame. Aesthetically, the windows emphasize clean lines and coordinated profiles. This series is available in four powder-coated and two anodized finishes for both the interior and exterior. Square interiors and exteriors for a sleek design, European-style hardware, and large expanses of glass. 

The AL line is available in three styles:

  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Specialty

Ultra Series

The Ultra Series exterior is made from extruded aluminum and can mimic the look and style of wood windows with warm wood interior and exterior trim. Kolbe describes the Ultra Series as being designed for versatility, durability and performance and have options for storm-resistance in hurricane-prone coastal areas.  This series compliments both modern and traditional architecture and comes in a variety of options for hardware, divided lite profiles and patterns, and aesthetic and efficient glass.  There are over 50 standard color options for the exterior including custom colors and more than 20 interior prefinished choices and a variety of wood species as well as customized options.  Enhanced energy efficiency and impact resistance standards have been verified by PHIUS (Passive House Institute US). Ultra Series windows are available as new construction and double-hung styles are available as replacement units.

The Ultra Series is available in the following styles:

  • Casement 
  • Awning
  • Double Hung
  • Sliding
  • Specialty

Heritage Series

The Heritage Series are wooden windows designed to replicate intricate architectural details with a variety of hardware options and divided lite profiles and patterns with different glass package options.  There are more than 40 choices for exterior colors protected by K-Kron II coating high-performance coating.  A large selection of interior wood species and over 20 interior colors are available including the option for customization.  Heritage series windows are available for new construction and double-hung windows in this series are available as replacement units.

 Heritage Series windows come in the following styles:

  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Double Hung
  • Specialty 

Forgent Series

The Forgent Series are available as both replacement windows and new construction with nail fins. This series is made from a proprietary material called Glastra.  Glastra is fiberglass and UV-stable polymer hybrid that is recycled from products in other industries making them eco-friendly. Forgent Series windows have a fast lead time and are easy to install, making them an ideal choice for projects that have short deadlines. All Forgent Series windows have a Glastra exterior with a choice of a Glastra or natural wood for the interior with energy-efficient and impact-resistant options for local climates and weather. Welded sash and frames keep the elements out. A variety of exterior and interior finishes and stains are available. 

Forgent Series styles include:

  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Double Hung
  • Sliding 
  • Specialty

Colors & Stains

Kolbe's exterior color finishes meet the industry's highest level of specifications and carry ample warranties. The options are extremely customizable. Bold hues of Papaya, Mystic Ivy, Roma, and Maize, will turn heads, with blue-green shades of Emerald Isle, Sapphire, Coastal Storm, and Tea Leaf Green offering a serene setting. Standard tones of greys and browns will satisfy traditional tastes. 

Your unique needs are considered with Kolbe's wide variety of color choices, wood species, and trim for your windows. For wood stains, you get to choose between deep warm coffee bean, chestnut, ebony to tasteful spiced walnut, sunset oak, and more. Wood paints cover the gradient options from ultra-pure white to coal black. 





 Coffee Bean






 Spiced Walnut



Warranty Info

Below are some of the warranties Kolbe offers with limitations.  This information is a general overview and not intended to be all-inclusive.  For complete warranty information regarding your specific products,  visit your local Kolbe dealer. 

  • 10 year express limited warranty for window and door products
  • 20 year express limited warranty for insulating glass
  • Forgent Series- 10 years on non-glass parts, products with steel spacers 20 years
  • VistaLuxe AL Line 10 year limited warranty on most parts.


As with any window purchase, a variety of factors can determine the final price per window which usually does not include installation. Although Brennan does not currently offer Kolbe windows, our research from talking to customers shows Kolbe windows can vary in price from $250 to upwards of $450. For larger windows, such as bay windows or bow windows, you are looking at a range of $1,000 to $1,500. For a specific quote, contact a trusted retailer. 

Kolbe Window FAQs

Does Kolbe Sell Replacement Windows?

Yes. Kolbe's Forgent Series and any Double-Hung in the Ultra and Heritage Series come in convenient replacement window fittings. Existing window openings will be undisturbed with these options.

Does Kolbe Sell New Construction Windows?

Yes. Kolbe windows are also available for new construction application. The Forgent Series mentioned above is also available with new construction nail fins. The lead time is short, ensuring that you receive windows in record time for your desired task.

What are Kolbe Windows Made of?

Kolbe uses a range of materials, depending on the series choice.

  • Aluminum - VistaLuxe WD Line, VistaLuxe AL Line, Ultra Series
  • Wood - Heritage Series, VistaLuxe WD Line, Ultra Series
  • Glastra/wood or all Glastra, a proprietary hybrid of fiberglass and UV stable polymer - Forgent Series

Can Kolbe Windows be Customized?

Kolbe Windows and Doors endeavor to serve architectural visionaries. Whatever the dream, Kolbe will customize windows to suit vast imaginations. Innovative and endlessly creative, Kolbe has specialty window series that suit any shape or function. For narrow profiles, clean lines, thin frames, and a range of material options, Kolbe can tick all the boxes on your window wish list. 

Purchase Kolbe Windows Through a Trusted Retailer

If you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, check out some of the brands we offer by looking at our product selection. DFW customers can get more information about new windows by filling out our convenient contact form. Visit Kolbe Windows online to find a trusted retailer near you.

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