Marvin vs Kolbe Windows Review

Marvin vs Kolbe Windows Review

While you may often overlook the windows in your home, they are one of the most important features. Windows dictate how energy efficient your home is, how secure it is, and they also play a vital role in the overall curb appeal of your property.

When choosing dependable windows, there are many factors you need to consider. Both Marvin and Kolbe windows have several benefits, with the most notable ones being high durability and efficiency. If you want new windows or a replacement, you may be wondering which is the best option between the two. Read on as we go over the two brands to help you pick the right choice.

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Marvin vs Kolbe Windows Review

Who is Marvin?

Marvin is one of the renowned manufacturers of windows and doors. The company initially dealt with cedar and lumber back in 1912 but has since ventured into home renovations. Marvin is a family-run company that takes renovation seriously, providing climate-friendly products, peak energy performance, and beautiful architectural designs. 

Who is Kolbe?

Kolbe dates back to 1946 and was started by two brothers Herb and Elvin Kolbe. The company is a recognized leader in manufacturing windows and doors across the US, Canada, and beyond. Many commercial projects and visionary residences in the US rely on windows from Kolbe.

Marvin Window Options

Marvin has more than 150,000 made-to0-order custom window options. This way, you can never lack a design that works for your property. The major window option that you can choose from include:

  • Casement
  • Awning
  • corner
  • Double-hung
  • Specialty shape
  • Single-hung
  • Sliding
  • Bay and bow
  • Picture

Casement window types are the most popular among the Marvin windows. Also, many clients prefer the look of a double-hung but the functionality of a casement.

Kolbe Window Options

You can also improve the view from your building with the several window options from Kolbe that align with the unique styles of different properties. The window options from Kolbe include:

  • Sliding
  • Awning
  • Casement
  • Specialty 
  • Double-hung

Marvin Window Finishes

Your windows deserve a dependable and eye-catching finish that can boost the curb appeal of your home. You can get varying degrees of material and color options from Marvin. 

If you love wood finishes, you can choose the durable and high-quality wood finish that brings out a natural texture, beauty, and grain of the wood. Each piece has an even coat of conditioning and stain, and it's baked before customization. Alternatively, you can opt for a modern look by selecting a low-gloss interior color palette. You can go for the split exterior and interior color or matching finishes.

You can also choose different material finishes from wood, extruded aluminum, ultrex fiberglass and high-density fiberglass. Wood has a warm, natural, and rich appearance. Aluminum offers more robust protection against severe weather and has a long-lasting performance. The fiberglass material expands and contract like glass and maintains its shape even in severe conditions. 

Kolbe Window Finishes

Kolbe offers several window finishing options that can suit different projects. These finishes meet the industry's specializations, and they all look beautiful.

Kolbe's ultra-series extruded aluminum and VistaLuxe collection WD line comes with a fluoropolymer coating finish in 44 vibrant colors. You can never lack a suitable finish for your project from these choices. 

Kolbe also coats the heritage series wood products with K-Kron II, a kind of finish that preserves and enhances the appearance of wood windows.

If you want a unique twist, go for the mica colors. The addition of mica flakes on fluoropolymer finish gives a dimensional and vibrant color for your project. Alternatively, you can choose the anodized aluminum specialty finish that results in an elegant metallic finish.

Marvin Window Configurations & Sizes

  • Casement: Casement windows have a height of up to 8.5 feet and a width of 3.5 feet.
  • Double-hung: Marvin's double-hung windows have a maximum height of 8ft and widths of 4ft.
  • Awning: Awning windows have a width of up to 8ft and a height of up to 5ft.
  • Corner: You can get corner windows with widths of up to 7ft and a height of 12ft.
  • Single-hung: Single-hung windows have a height of up to 10.5ft and a width of 5.5ft.
  • Sliding: If you opt for sliding windows, they have a maximum width of 14ft and a height of 6ft.

Kolbe Window Configurations & Sizes

  • Sliding: The sliding windows have large expansive openings of up to 168". They have a thickness of 1-15 or 16"↗ and an overall jamb width of 4-9 to 16".
  • Awning: These windows have a width of 4-9" or 16" and a length of 1'8" to 3'6".
  • Casement: Casement windows have a 4-9" or 16" jamb width with a height of 2-6ft.
  • Double-hung: The double-hung windows have a height of 36-72", jamb width of 4-9" or 16", and a slope of 14 degrees.

Marvin Window Warranties

Marvin windows have a fully transferable, limited warranty. Also, all Marvin components have coverage against manufacturing defects so Marvin can repair or replace the faulty parts. 

The glass coverage applies to Marvin-supplied glass installed by a company's authorized personnel or a factory-installed glass. The non-glass components have a coverage of 10 years against manufacturing defects. The exterior cladding finish coverage is 20 years and can include defects like fading, peeling, and chalking.

Kolbe Window Warranties

Kolbe windows have warranty periods that vary depending on the type, series, and configuration. The wood type has ten years warranty, insulating glass has 20 years, K-Kron finish has ten years, and latex primer has five years. Windows sold to international markets have five years limited warranty.


From the above comparison between Marvin and Kolbe, you can now choose one that suits your project. Both options offer the durability and efficiency you would want in your home.



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