Marvin Windows Review

Marvin Windows Review

Marvin windows are highly among architects, builders and homeowners to ensure your vision becomes a reality. In this post, we’re going over Marvin Windows and their window options.

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Who is Marvin?

Marvin opened its doors in 1912 as a family-owned and -operated cedar and lumber company, and is currently the popular choice for windows in higher-end construction. They provide Coastal, Historic, Contemporary and Replacement solutions for both doors and windows. Headed by Paul Marvin (CEO), Marvin ranked highest in quality↗ for the 5th consecutive year (in a survey conducted by the Builder Magazine), as well as highest in brand familiarity, brand used in the past two years, and brand used most in the fiberglass window category.

Highly driven towards imagining and creating better ways of living, Marvin isn’t just about building better windows and doors—it’s about opening new possibilities for how people live, work, think and feel inside a Marvin space. 

Does Marvin Sell Replacement Windows?

Yes, once you’ve recognized the signs (like water stains and wood rot) that require prompt replacement, you can get started with a high-level look at basic choices like window styles and materials (wood, extruded aluminum, or Ultrex fiberglass), followed by picking design options – like wood stains, colors, hardware finishes, shades, and screens. Marvin↗ has a variety of replacement specialists that are there to guide you all along the replacement process. Their five-step replacement approach includes Evaluate, Select, Consult, Install, and Enjoy.

Does Marvin Sell New Construction Windows?

Yes, Marvin’s portfolio is majorly organized into three product collections↗, Signature, Elevate and Essential, all of which cater to construction window needs with different degrees of design detail and flexibility. All the product lines carry innovative solutions of superior quality coupled with thoughtful support.

What are Marvin Windows Made of?

Marvin sets high standards when it comes to material selection↗, sourcing, and development. Marvin’s windows are primarily made using wood, extruded aluminum, High-Density Fiberglass or Ultrex fiberglass, with each offering unique benefits. One of the low-end maintenance alternatives is using wood on only the interior with an extruded aluminum cladding exterior. 

What Styles are Marvin Windows Available in?

Designed for unprecedented performance and soul-pleasing aesthetics, Marvin offers window options for almost every style of house covering all kinds of climates. From a classic double hung and single hung window to European-style tilt turn and hopper windows to casements in industry-leading sizes, our innovative window solutions offer virtually endless style options.

On the basis of style, all Marvin Windows↗ are broadly classified into Awning, Bay & Bow, Casement, Corner, Double Hung, Picture, Single Hung, Sliding, Tilt Turn & Hopper and Speciality Shapes.

What Colors are Marvin Windows Available in?

Marvin offers a palette of 15+ color options↗ that span from muted, earthy tones to bold, rich colors and three pearlescent finishes. Some of these colors are, namely, Ebony, Bahama Brown, Cadet Gray, Bronze, Cascade Blue, Cashmere, Clay, Coconut Cream, Evergreen, Sierra White, Stone White, Wineberry and more.

Custom color-matching is also available to meet any design vision.

Can Marvin Windows be Customized?

Marvin offers high-quality material choices and the ability to mix and match across product lines to find the right form and function for residential, commercial, and replacement needs. With an extended array of design options to choose from, you can customize your windows to reflect your home’s architecture, character, and personality. Basically, the customer has the liberty to play around with every minute detail so that the new windows reflect the desired taste. 

Does Marvin offer Product Warranties?

Yes, Marvin brand windows and doors are covered by their industry-leading Limited Warranty. The retailer’s service representative will help diagnose the problem and determine if the parts are covered under warranty. If repair or replacement of materials is required, there may be charges for parts or labor. 

Marvin’s Coastal Windows↗, the aluminum cladding finishes are covered by a limited warranty against manufacturing defects that result in chalk or fade for 20 years from the purchase date, and Composite finishes are covered for 10 years. Moreover, Marvin’s extruded aluminum finish↗ maintains its shape and stands up to the elements years after installation, and is protected by their 20-year warranty as well.

Deciding on Marvin

For four generations now, Marvin has built a solid reputation by undertaking and excelling at tough window installation projects. They collaborate early on with architects, homeowners, facilities managers, and general contractors, and offer the best project-based solutions that achieve excellent performance with pinpoint precision.

They are a simplified brand with a beautiful and high-quality window and door solutions portfolio, which offers mind-boggling versatility. Every detail is thoughtfully considered in order to crack the highest levels of architectural correctness and aesthetics. All their offerings are strong and durable, and the collections balance beautiful design and superior strength with carefully chosen features and options as well.


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