Milgard Tuscany vs Milgard Style Line - Milgard Windows Review

Milgard Tuscany vs Milgard Style Line - Milgard Windows Review

With so many choices out there we wanted to help you clear some of that up with a direct side-by-side comparison. In this post, we will compare 2 different Milgard product offerings: The Milgard Tuscany Window and the Milgard Style Line window:

1. Frame Composition

A combination of quality material and innovative engineering help create a high-performance vinyl window. To ensure top quality from start to finish, Milgard begins by precisely controlling their vinyl compound formulation to withstand harsh climate conditions. Milgard extrudes their own frame material, and fabricate all windows to order, giving them the tightest control over quality. 

Milgard Tuscany Milgard Style Line
Vinyl Vinyl

Montecito_halfvent_sill detail.jpg

Milgard Tuscany Horizontal Slider

2. Energy Performance

Although the windows are both made out of the same material, the Milgard Tuscany window does not come with an argon-fill option in Texas. This is due to the fact that Tuscany windows are made in Colorado and shipping them to Texas, over the continental divide, causes problems with sealed glass units. Because of this, the Milgard Tuscany does not meet the certain criteria needed for an Energy Star South-Central qualification. This applies only to Tuscany units that are shipped to Texas. Tuscany units that are manufactured & shipped in the Western U.S.  will meet the Energy Star requirements for those associated regions. If you have any other questions this Energy Calculator should be able to help you out.

Milgard Tuscany Milgard Style Line
Energy Star Southern Qualified Energy Star Northern Qualified
  Energy Star North-Central Qualified
  Energy Star Southern Qualified
  Energy Star South-Central Qualified


Milgard Tuscany Windows

3. Frame Profile

Here is where the difference between the two products is really made. The Milgard Style Line window was designed & developed to mimic the appearance of an aluminum window with its narrow frame-profile allowing maximum visibility. The Milgard Tuscany window has a beefier frame which allows it to achieve larger sizes, such as single-hung windows up to 56 1/2" wide.

Milgard Tuscany Milgard Style Line
Wider frame profile Narrow frame profile
2 7/8" frame thickness 1 1/4" frame thickness
Tuscany CAD drawing.jpg Style Line CAD drawing.jpg

4. Tilt-Sash Option

Tilt-sash windows are becoming more & more popular, allowing homeowners the ability to clean their windows while remaining in the comfort of their own home. Milgard offers tilt-sash windows in quite a few of their product lines however they do not offer tilt-sash windows in the product lines covered in this article with one exception:

Milgard Tuscany Milgard Style Line
Tilt-sash available in double-hung units only Tilt-sash not available


5. Hardware

The Milgard Tuscany & Milgard Style Line hardware (lock) automatically default to match the interior color of the window.

Milgard Tuscany Milgard Style Line
SmartTouch Window Lock Positive Action Lock (PAL)
smart touch lock.jpg Positive Action Lock.jpeg

6. Interior/Exterior Colors

Milgard vinyl windows are available in ten exterior frame colors. Choose from standard colors of tan and white or enjoy more color flexibility with premium exterior finishes to coordinate with your home design. From the newly popular 'fog' to rich, bold 'espresso', get inspired with all the possibilities.

To create color that lasts, Milgard developed a new coating technology that allows UV rays to pass through the paint and reflect off the vinyl frame. This preserves the exterior color and finish. 

Milgard Tuscany & Milgard Style Line
Milgard Colors.jpg

*Milgard also offers a clay color that is specific to Texas

7. Pricing

The Milgard Style Line window can be considered Milgard's budget-friendly product series. The Milgard Tuscany would be the next-step-up in terms of price yet is still a very affordable window and a great value. Do not let these windows' competitive pricing fool you, however, as they are both considered a superior quality product.

Milgard Tuscany Milgard Style Line
$$ $


8. Lead-Time

As stated previously, the Milgard Tuscany windows are manufactured in a Colorado facility. Texas customers will have their Milgard Style Line windows manufactured in Milgard's Grand Prairie facility.  Customers outside of Texas will likely have Style Line windows manufactured at other facilities closer to them.

Milgard Tuscany Milgard Style Line
5-6 weeks 2-3 weeks

After seeing some of the product information side-by-side, we hope it's easier to make your decision. If you have any further questions or inquiries about product offerings, we'd love to help - give us a call!


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