Mueller Roofing - A Comprehensive Review

Mueller Roofing Review

Metal roofs are not just for barns and farmhouses anymore. The popularity of metal - namely steel - as a roofing material can be attributed to its longevity and durability. Steel roofing offers Class A fire resistance, malleability (able to mimic shingles, shakes, tile, etc), and an extremely long lifespan (often 30-50 years minimum). Not to mention that it's also lightweight, and energy efficient.

In this article, we at Brennan Enterprises are highlighting Mueller, Inc. - one of the most popular metal roofing companies in the US. 

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Why Mueller Roofing?

For 85+ years, Mueller has operated based on personal service and satisfying their customers in every way. Their products are manufactured here in the United States and designed to provide the best combination of affordability and longevity. Mueller’s manufacturing process paired with the durability of steel means you’ll enjoy a roof that’s practically maintenance free.

Roofing materials are specialized to your home’s specifications. All panels are made at one of their manufacturing locations and pre-cut to the appropriate lengths for your roof. Mueller’s roof products tend to be offered between 24 and 26 gauge. The lower the steel gauge, the thicker the material. The 26-gauge products offer a great combination of thickness and hardness. 

Below are key performance features offered by each series featured in this article:


Up to 30-year limited paint warranty

Fire Resistant


Wind Resistant

Up to 140 mph

Hail Resistance Rating

Underwriters Laboratories Class-4 Rating

Metal Gauge

26-Gauge, and 24-Gauge Commercial Grade Steel

AP Panel

A large two story home surrounded by a lush garden with a steel mueller roof.

Style: Simulated Standing Seam

Coverage: 24”

Metal Gauge: 26

Ideal For: New Construction and Replacement

The AP Panel offers the appearance of standing-seam roofing at an economical rate. AP Panel roofs are constructed from 26-gauge commercial grade steel and offer 24” coverage. Fasteners (screws) will be visible.

Ideally, the AP Panel is for new construction and applications where the existing roof is stripped down to the decking. This series is primarily designed for residential use but is available for commercial structures as well.

Diagram of AP Panel with labeled measurements.

Color samples of AP panel roofing.

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Concealed Fastener (CF/CFS) Panel

Mueller CF roof in bright copper on a stone home with wood trim.

Style: Concealed Fastener

Coverage: 12”

Metal Gauge: 26

Ideal For: New Construction and Replacement

Concealed Fastener roofs, as the name suggests, hide the fasteners (screws). Hidden fasteners help to create a sleek appearance. Mueller’s Concealed Fastener Striated Panels feature a unique, lock-joint system. This roof type is best for homeowners willing to completely remove existing shingles.

 Diagram of CF panel with labeled measurements.


Color sample of Mueller CF and CFS roofing.

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Corrugated Panel

A corrugated metal roof on a stone facade home.

Style: Corrugated Panel

Coverage: 29” (also available in 31.5” coverage with limited color options)

Metal Gauge: 26

Ideal For: Retrofitting

Old shacks are probably the image that comes to mind for most of us when we think “corrugated roof”. But these days, corrugated metal is a sophisticated, durable option available in a wide range of colors and finishes to help bring to life the vision you have for your home.

Diagram of corrugated panel roof with labeled measurements.

Corrugated panel roof color samples 

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Mueller Snap Lock (MSL) Panel

Snap lock metal roof from Mueller.

Style: Standing Seam

Coverage: 15 ¼”

Metal Gauge: 24

Ideal For: New Construction and Replacement  

The Mueller Snap Lock standing seam panel is a bold, versatile metal roofing option. This option is available for residential and commercial buildings and is available in a wide range of colors - neutral to bold.

 MSL Panel diagram with labeled measurements.

Color samples for MSL panel roof

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R Panel

R Panel metal roof on a stone facade home.

Style: Simulated Standing Seam

Coverage: 36”

Metal Gauge: 26

Ideal For: Retrofitting

The R Panel is a simulating standing seam, low-maintenance option perfect for retrofitting over existing roofing material. Because this style doesn’t require stripping of old material, this option saves time and labor, leading to a lower total project cost.

Diagram of R Panel roof section with labeled measurements.

Color samples for R Panel roof


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U Panel

Black u panel steel roof.

Style: Simulated Standing Seam

Coverage: 36”

Metal Gauge: 26

Ideal For: Retrofitting

Made with 26-gauge commercial grade steel. The U Panel design is another option to help reduce project costs. This metal roof style can be installed on top of existing roofing materials.

Diagram of U panel roof section with measurements labeled. Color samples for U panel roof.

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