NT Windows Review

NT Windows Review

We take pride in being able to offer a wide range of options in window and door products, for customers to choose from. And one of the prominent entities that help us be our best and most versatile selves is NT Window↗. NT delivers high-quality vinyl products and even manufactures some of our Brennan branded windows. Homeowners want to get the most out of their home investments and NT is helping them do just that with energy-efficient best-in-class products. 

Let’s get to know NT Window and all that they stand for, in detail.

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Who is NT?

NT Window is a two-generation, family-owned business producing National Fenestration Rating Council-rated (NFRC) and American Architectural Manufacturers Association-certified (AAMA) windows. With over 30 years of experience, they manufacture around 100,000 windows per year in their Dallas-Fort Worth manufacturing plant—making them one of the leading window manufacturers in America.

Moreover, when it comes to annually released Window & Door top 100 rankings that depict North America’s 100 largest manufacturers of residential windows, doors, and/or skylights, based on sales volumes, NT has made the cut for the last seven years in a row.

Does NT Sell Replacement Windows?

Yes, NT’s entire Vinyl series and Twinsulator series are available as Replacement Windows.

Replacement windows are measured to fit in an existing window opening saving time and labor costs that are usually associated with installing new construction style windows (windows with fins).

Does NT Sell New Construction Windows?

Yes, NT’s entire Vinyl series and Twinsulator series are available as New Construction Windows.  

These windows have fins that are attached to the wood framing of the home. New construction windows are usually installed in a brand new home or addition and rarely are they used in replacement window projects because it requires additional time and labor to remove all of the obstructions in the wall. 

What are NT Windows Made of?

NT offers Vinyl and Aluminium series in their range of window products, that can be fitted precisely to your liking. Vinyl windows have been the material of choice for millions of homeowners, builders, and architects worldwide.

The Vinyl series is further subdivided into Traditions (regional exclusives), Executive | 700 series, Presidential | 900 series, Solar Pro, and 8000 series, based on style, fitting, and cost.

NT’s Aluminum series - also known as Twinsulator↗ - embodies the strength of aluminum, combined with the high-performance glass options they offer on Vinyl Windows.

What Styles are NT Windows Available In?

When it comes to NT’s Vinyl series↗ consisting of Traditions, Executive, Presidential, Solar Pro, and 8000 series, all are available in the ‘Single Hung’ style. On the other hand, the Twinsulator↗ windows can be installed as Single Hung, Sliding, Geometric shapes, and Picture style.

As part of the Speciality Product line↗ by NT, Slimline↗ is available in Picture style as well as in geometric shapes, whereas Bay and Bow↗ offers 3 Lite & 4 Lite (Bay) and 3 – 4 – & 5 Lite (Bow) style only.

What Colors are NT Windows Available In?

Vivid Color™↗ by NT Window offers window coatings that come in almost every color imaginable, giving you endless design choices. They are namely, Sage Green, Brick Red, Desert Sand, Obsidian, Hartford, Angean, Bronze, Cameo, Tan, English Saddle, Earthtone, Creme White, Bordeaux, Spanish Moss, Chateau Stone, and Midnight. With an array of such vibrant, clear, and deep colors, picking one can be a tough choice.

The coating system is composed of heat reflective pigments that offer brilliant color options while minimizing heat gain, and adding additional energy-efficient properties to your windows. 

Can NT Windows be Customized?

Yes, All of NT’s Vinyl Windows are custom made to fit your home, in an exact opening. Customers also have the ability to choose from an array of glass, design, and performance options that can collectively cook up any imaginable look and comfort level required. Also, even though their palette covers all popular colors, they can custom match any color you can dream up.

Does NT offer Product Warranties?

NT places immense confidence and trust in their specially-formulated high-impact vinyl, and as a result, all their window products including glass, hardware, and screen components arrive with a lifetime limited warranty↗, that is readable and easy-to-understand for the general customer. Moreover, this warranty is transferable if you decide to sell your home and/or the ownership of the place changes over time. NT also offers an optional Glass Breakage Warranty, so you can enjoy stress-free throwball sessions in the yard.

Are NT windows right for me?

For homeowners who are willing to go with streamlined window design and geometric shapes, NT provides just what you need. While offering unobstructed views to more defined shapes like eyebrows and trapezoids, NT Window has also been setting the standard for high-quality energy-efficient windows for the residential market.

Furthermore, NT’s manufacturing capabilities conjure a wide range of operating styles, grille patterns and colors, and as a much-needed add-on, leave behind a complementary look that dresses up your home, enhances curb appeal, and adds to the resale value of your home. According to the latest “Remodeling Cost Value Report” by Remodeling Magazine, NT’s Vinyl Replacement Windows are projected to reward you with 73.4% of your investment recouped↗ (showing in the TOP 7 for ROI).


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